good workout program?

  1. good workout program?

    ok right now im on a program i found in a magazine and it seems to be pretty good but instead of losing weight im just putting on muscle on my arms .... i wanna get cut and have a slim stomach as soon as possible and work on getting abs. Does anyone have a program that has worked for them or can give me some exercises i could toss into my workout now to help my goal? thanks any help is appreciated

  2. We need some more info to give you better answers. What are you eating daily? Generally speaking, doing a program and putting on muscle in your arms is positive, not negative. What does the program consist of? How long have you been doing it? How much cardio do you do? If you can post a pic it might help as well determine where you are exactly. Has your weight changed any? What is your deadline to reach your goal? What does "as soon as possible" mean? But based on what you told us so far, I would say the workout plan isn't the issue if you feel like your arms are getting bigger. I would assume your diet needs a check-up. Answer the questions above in as much detail as possible so everyone here can see the whole picture of your situation and give you the best feedback possible. Depending on how much fat you have to lose, it's going totake hard work and discipline and some time. You can't do it overnight. Hope this helps

  3. Compound movements are great for adding some muscle and losing some fat. Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, chin ups, dips, clean and press, rows, bench and any standing movement that requires a lot of muscle activation.

    On off days from lifting adding in some HIIT will speed up the fat loss progress a lot, and if you are eating enough you should retain muscle.

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