I'm no expert but...

  1. I'm no expert but...

    I have recently joind AM to get some ideas on what others have come to find productive, and most importantly non productive. I have recently begun hitting the gym regularly after about 13 years of partying, marriage, divorce and other bs. It gets a little depressing because of what I could accomplish when I was younger is a little more difficult now that I am almost 40. So I decided to share what works for me.
    In three weeks in I have lost 10lbs, shrunk 2 inches off my waist, my clothes already fit better, and I feel great. I keep it pretty simple, with 6 excercises every M,W,F: squat, dead, bench, lat pulls, rows and iron cross squats. I avoid isolation excercises and do reps of 12-15 for 3 sets. I play hockey Sundays and try to run or do some other cardio on Tues and Thurs. My goal is to lose the fat, get lean, and maintain muscle tone. I only take a protein supplement before and after workout and the ECY stack in the morning. The hardest thing is diet, but I have managed to control my appetite by eating high protein, moderate to low carb and low fat throughout the day. I do like to cook so I have developed some really tasty meals that compliment my goals, which I would be happy to share for those that are not proficient in the kitchen. I offer this as motivation to those that have difficulty losing what the years have put on. Find a simply plan and stick with it! Remember what Dean Wormer said, fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. At least I am trying to do something about the fat part.


  2. Great job, man! The hardest part is over (starting). Enjoy the ride!

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