1. lipo6?

    Hey all. I'm currently 5'10" 187 around 15%bf. I've been bulking all winter, and now starting to cut. I've cut my calories, while eating very clean. I'm increasing my protein/bcaa's, while maintaining low carbs and some fats. I'm eating a lot of chicken, fish, greens, potatoes, etc etc.. I'm lifting with the same routine as before, but I've added cardio 5 days a week after I'm done lifting. I run around 2.5-3 miles. So, the added cardio along with the stricter diet will help me cut nicely, I believe. But, I wanted to add a fat burner in the mix to help with the definition and energy. I was planning on ordering some lipo6 for the first time. I was just wondering if you guys have had success with it, or if you suggest anything else. I also want to know if I could stack ECA with it. I wasn't sure if that is too much of a stimulant. My body doesn't react much to stimulants to begin with. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    I've been taking lipo 6 black for around 4-5 days now.. energy boost 9/10. short term results 10/10. most ppl say lipo 6x is better but i've never used it so i cant judge it.. i have just started today with pro-NOS and i hope it will help with energy as well as cutting..i havent used too many suppliments but so far i would recommend lipo 6 black.. wait for others b4 purchase

  3. i've never taken lipo6 but i just started slim extreme today and it really kept me from eating as much as I normally do. I ate about half as much as I normally eat but didn't have any hunger pains. i also had plenty of energy, lifted weights + 30 mins of cardio, chopped wood w/ my dad, loaded and strapped a few motorcycles in some trucks, and i've been up since 8 this morning and I still feel great. i'm doing this while on keto diet too so SX has def. impressed me. if you take ECA i wouldn't reccommend lipo6 though...ECA is some pretty powerful **** from what i've heard

  4. I will say that nutrex has really good products.
    I got some nutrex samples and was looking for anyone who could say whether or not Lipo 6x gives you any energy so I could add it to my current stack this evening. The only sample I've tried so far is the ignite and that was definitely in my top 5 for pre workout supps ever. From what Davidlee was saying about the L6black (which I've not tried myself), I'd imagine that the Lipo 6x has to be a solid choice just based on what the other products can do for at least fat burning.

  5. i've used regular old worked wonders i took 2 bottles of it three months apart and went from 160-125 while eating clean and doing far the best that i've used even though ppl say there is better stuff out's a solid product

  6. i ordered the lipo6. i don't have a lot of pounds to lose. in my case, i'm just trying to cut up and get extra definition (maybe 6-8 pounds of fat). so, this product should suffice as an aid to my already great workout plan and solid, clean, diet. I'll let you know how it works for me. Thanks for the responses!
  7. Davidlee
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    yeh let me know and ill keep you informed on what it does for me.. around 5 - 6 days i think on it now and my upper abs are getting definition.


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