Summer cut

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    Summer cut

    Ok here it goes give any input you want
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 274
    Bf: around 20
    Goal: cut up while maintaining or gain strength
    Test pro: 250 mg weekly
    Tren Ace: 75 ed
    all support supps associated

    Diet CKD BMR is 2900
    Daily caloric intake 2400
    Duration 10 weeks
    Training Morning: Weight will detail the program later
    Evening: Strongman events
    give me your thoughts

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    Looks like you have a plan, which is always the start! I don't know anything at all about your Supps, but I'll be checking back to see your progress! Good luck
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    haven't seen the workout plan yet, but would def. include some cardio in there..though the strongman events-wow- they are def. a cardiovascular workout.. looks pretty solid so the workout and let's take a looksy. good luck!

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