Anabolic Diet Carbs

  1. Anabolic Diet Carbs

    a quick question, i have been reading the book and this is a new diet for me. for past 8 months or year.. i have been trying to eat very lean and portein shakes. But as with everything u keep doing over and over the same it gets old. I've been reading the book and looking at your forum about this diet but i started it monday.

    My questuion is i was reading in the book and during weekday is maximum 30 gram of carbs in a day now what if i went past it a lil or if i go over just a lil one day should the next day be much less carbs to balance it out?

    example if i consumed say 42 grams should the next day i only consume about 20 carbs?

    i ate good all day high until i ate me a rpotein bar which i didnt read until after the fact and saw the bar have 30 grams of carbs by itself. any idea's or just dont sweat it and go rest of the week lil less carbs?

    i know i might be over thinkin this but my first real diet going off of what ive been doin and i dont wanna throw it off u know?

  2. you do want to try to stay under 20 for the first couple of days to get into ketosis and after a few weeks you can raise the carbs a little bit. Eating eggs and fatty beef for 2-3 days should get you into ketosis.

  3. so far for the 3 days i have been on it.. i have been eating eggs with cheese, ribeyes, hamburger meat and pork chops. For snack its been cheese and salami, also tuna fish with lil mayo. now just that one day(yesterday) was that damn 30 gram portein bar.. =/ but now for the rest of the week till firday just keep up the fatty food and protein and i should keep the balance i need?

  4. Dont sweat the one day you went over, just try not to do it again until you get more comfortable with the diet. I have been on it now for just over 6 months and I no longer count my carbs each day. I know on harder workout days I will go up to about 50g's of carbs and won't notice any negative effects. The 30g limit at first is just a general rule of thumb that will work for the majority of people on the diet. As you progress into you are going to find certain carbs durring the week are going to make you feel horrible while others may have no effect at all. Currently my weekly carbs are coming from yogurt, nuts, cheese, and protein powders. I have also found that if you do accidentally eat some carbs in something and you are feeling out of whack that if you wait until your stomach empties and then take 5g of Leucine by itself you will start feeling good again.

  5. hey i appreciate it.. yea i just wanted ease of mind, and yall have helped a lot.. switching to open waters is a lil shifty. Trying this and giving it time to see were it goes.. coming from clean and lean to fatty high protein is all new.. lets see how it rolls.. i wanted to post a log on what i eat and workout im doing.



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