how many cals a day for me

  1. how many cals a day for me

    just wondering if you guys could tell me how many calories i should eat a day so i will know how much i can eat and still lose fat.. my main goal is to lose as much fat as possible.. i do pretty intense workouts 5 days a week and also do an hour of cardio 5 days a week. i am 5.11 230lbs.. ive tried lookin myself but i got conflicting answers.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. how old r u ?

  3. oh sorry im 29

  4. How many calories are u currently taking in and how much weight have u lost so far?
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    There are free calculators all over the internet. We'd need to know height, weight, age, and the amount of and intensity of exercise. Just google "BMR calculator".


    It will be extremely helpful if you provide your current caloric intake as well as your weight loss goal.

    Based on the info you gave so far, I suggest you start at 2700 calories.


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