Advice for toning?

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    Exclamation Advice for toning?

    Im 6'4'' 196 pounds.. not much muscle mass and slight love handles and hips.. I am currently dropping my calorie intake by a small amount in attempt to lose body fat while getting tone.. please post a calorie diet if anyone has one. and toning exercises for my abs and arms.. i am currently taking lipo I can't post pictures yet so please go by this. I have slight love handles and slight breast and undefined arms. I am just now getting into weight lifting and attempting to get into good shape.I am not very sure of what to eat and what not to. pleas tell me exactly what everyone recommends
    Meal 1. 1 cup of cereal with soy milk
    Meal 2. 2-3hrs later i usually eat a 100 calorie snack
    meal 3. 98% fat free turkey on wheat bread with mustard and a 100 calorie snack.
    meal 4. 100 calorie snack
    Meal 5. some sort of grilled chicken or boiled then baked. with veggies.
    meal 6. 100 calorie snack
    I have started doing 20 mins or more of HIIT daily, 200+ crunches, push ups, etc.., i hit bench and dumbells everyday, swim alot etc.. i take lipo 6 black. I am real new to this but super motivated and determined.. please tell me what to do instead of this. THank you

  2. To start off I think you should know that it is physically impossible to pick and choose where you can burn fat from. Your body will burn fat from wherever it wants to no matter what type of exercises you do. With that being said situps and arm exercises won't get you lean in those areas. If you want to reduce your bodyfat while building muscle i would suggest a circuit routine. A circuit routine is generally 3 exercises involving the biggest muscle groups possible; a push, a pull, and a legs movement. For one example you could do a set of 25 on the bench press followed by a set of 25 machine rows, then a set of 25 squats. This will be considered one full circuit, you do them with virtually no rest if possible. You may take no rest or a long rest between each circuit however, determining on how much of a cardio workout you want to achieve with it. This with keep your body's heart rate up and keep you building muscle at the same time. I hope i explained that well enough for you.

    As for a diet plan, start tracking your calories to start off with. Keep your diet high in protein and adjust your calories accordingly each week to make sure you are losing weight.

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    well i dont have a squat machine. and i dont take in very many calories at all.. i thank you for ur advice and ill be sure to mix everything up

  4. Now there is some interesting research dealing with the concept of spot reduction, and it states that you may be able to slightly alter body composition, not by true reduction of fat in that area, but by using high volume exercise to stimulate the growth of blood cells in that particular area, thereby increasing muscle mass in addition to inflammation related lipolysis. Not sure how effective it is, but its worth reading deeper into. =]
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    i will do that.. ty

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    bump anyone else?


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