those that can eat anything and stay slim!

  1. those that can eat anything and stay slim!

    I know this is a random thought, but I started going through the people I know that can "supposedly" eat anything and stay slim. and I came to two conclusions.

    1.) sure they eat garbage and stay slim, but I don't monitor what they every moment of the day. moreover, I don't know what they do over a period of weeks or months. SEEMS like, however, most of them seem to eat garbage once or twice and fast the rest of the day. This leads me to believe they simply eat less calories than most people. How many of these "genetically elite" do you know that actually eat 6x a day, let alone eat breakfast!!

    2.) those truly who never seem to add bodyfat NEVER seem to love food like us normal people. sure those I know will choose a hamburger over oatmeal, but once they have enough they have enough. they almost get "turned off" to food once they are full. average people like me however, I can keep stuffing my face until it hurts...

  2. Both of those theories make a lot of sense...I feel your pain bro! I eat anything and put on the weight haha

  3. I think you're spot on mate

  4. I dunno....

  5. I think genetics are involved. I've lived in Japan for months at a time in a few occasions, and I can tell you, that as a general rule, Japanese people eat at least 4 times a day, and in many cases 6 times.

    Not only that, but they live by an extremely high-carb diet. Moreover, while you might think that they consume almost no fat, this is not really the case. They drink whole milk every day and eat cheese, butter, oils, fish and chicken regularly; only red meat is seldom consumed. They also drink beer at dinner every night.

    I can tell you that my wife (who is Japanese), easily eats more than 2500 calories a day, and my wife is 5'6 and 115 lbs.

    Sure, they cannot easily put on muscle, but neither can they put on fat.

    Every time I go to Japan, I eat the same as my wife's family and never seem to lose any weight, whereas when her family comes to visit us they can eat McDonald's and not gain any weight.

    I'm pretty sure that genetically there is a big difference in metabolism and the way their body burns fuel as opposed to ours, and I would love to find a study on it.

  6. i had an asian friend who went to one of those pizza buffets with me the other night and he always brags about not gaining weight. he also ate a salad and like 2 slices of pizza while i threw back multiple whole pizzas. i think i could also feel my bodyfat rising but it was so worth it.

    i think reguardless if u eat fast food over a period of time, you will gain fat. just different people gain it at different rates. back in the day when i was holding 7% bf, trying to "bulk up" i became addicted to double cheeseburgers... they helped bulk up, but in absolutely no positive way


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