ECR stack working good!

  1. ECR stack working good!

    Epederine, caffiene, recreate
    Ive now been taking for 2 weeks and works great! Lost about 5lbs and i have a huge problem with over eating and thats completely gone now.
    As anyone else ever tried this before?

  2. Are you sure it isnt just water weight that you lost in the last couple of days? Whats your dosage look like. What do you eat?

  3. dont automatically assume stuff. The man is looking for encouragement and you scream water weight..... I say NICE JOB......i am gonna try Recreate soon!

  4. Lol, sorry... Good job man! Thats pretty good....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by snyper2k2 View Post
    Lol, sorry... Good job man! Thats pretty good....
    no probs man. And your right it could be water weight but any diet is going to start with water weight so at least im heading in the right direction. Im eating healthy fats and clean protien with veggies evrey 3 hours and theres about 400cals every meal.
    My dosage is 25mg E, 200mg C, 1 capsule of recreate spread out within 5 hours 3x a day.

  6. I'll say I had some decent (good) results with Recreate, BUT

    I had some AMAZING results with ECY in a good dosage (considering I'm good with stims) that Recreate could never get me to... I was at 50mg of E, 400 C and 7.5 Y and I noticed great advancements. And while running Recreate, Ephedrine, and Caffeine alone I could never get close to those.

    So I'll stick to my ECY rather than ECR, but it's a real nice progress you're having. I wish I responded that well to a product that did not screw me up this bad, and that did not need to be cycled as much ad ECY...

    I'll be following closely, hopefully you'll keep up with the updates!


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