320 lbs. need some nutritional help please!

  1. 320 lbs. need some nutritional help please!

    ok so i wrote down a meal plan on fitday. i am 315-320lbs. and am looking to lose 100lbs. tell me what u think of this: 2700 calories. 118g fat. 130g carbs. 288g protein. those are daily intake values of my input. not enough calories?? fat?? carbs?? protein?? any input would be helpful, thanks!

  2. It depends on how you're trying to tackle fat loss man.
    If you're looking at Keto, the carbs should be close to 0 with the cyclical refeed.

    2700 calories seems ok I think, although some might refute it.

    But you at 315lbs, i'm guessing you do have quite a lot of body fat. I reckon you can lose a lot just by doing 40% carbs, 40% protein 20% good fat at 2700 calories. Provided, you're eating 5 - 6 meals a day and the carbs are low GI (to moderate insulin) and you're weight training.

  3. Here are some simple rules to follow to help shed your fat bro -

    1. only drink water
    2. eat whole foods
    3. Mainly lean meats and vegetables
    4. eat 6 small meals per day, nothing after 7pm
    5. workout - strength and cardio
    6. stay away from processed/fast/fried foods.

    I'd say less fat, and less carbs

  4. Do you want it to really work? Then for now forget about 6 meals a day, forget about what you did in fitday. You didn't get to 315 in 2 or 4 or 6 months, it took a long time. you have habits, and you need to shed old ones and create new ones. If you want this to really work, you need to make the changes in your life over time so that each one becomes a new habit and each one becomes a part of how you will live the rest of your life. You aren't going on a diet, you are changing the way you eat.

    You needs to forget about "dieting" and instead learn how to eat. You can't view what you are doing as a phase or something you'll stop once she reaches x goal, it has to be a change of life. You want to get down to around 220bs. All you really needs to do is eat what maintenance would be for 220, and over time you'll get there. You should target either one meal or one of your weak food points every 3-4 weeks to change, and the same with exercises. That gives you enough time to have adjusted to the last change and have it feel like a normal part of life. If you wants faster results, remind yourself of how long it took you to get to that size.

    here is some referential stuff to think about, or pick up this book. They have it and some of the variations on it at Sams Club even

    I feel like I've posted this a thousand times but here it goes again

    So do you eat the muffin normally and then eat a ton of other stuff as well? or do you eat 1/3 of the pile of fruit and save the rest for later?

    Do you have the tart for 440 cals or just one bowl of the raspberries for 55 cals?

    Do you end up eating all the things on the left side, instead of the meal on the right side that ends up being 1/3 the calories?

    This is from Dr Randy Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss


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