Strange Effect on KETO Diet.

  1. Strange Effect on KETO Diet.

    While in ketosis, I seem to NOT be lactose intolerant. No bloating or gas. Anyone else experience this? This isn't my first rodeo WRT no carb dieting but this is the first time I've noticed this welcome side.

  2. that's really strange. i've been in ketosis before, but assumed i'd be lactose intolerant whether or not in ketosis.

    i'm severely lactose intolerant in that even lactaid milk will give me gas (that is supposed to be lactose free). However, strangely, FULL FAT milk barely gives me gas, whereas nonfat gives me incredible gas.

    cheese does not give me gas, nor does yogurt, cottage cheese, or any of the cultured products.

    so with that said, I came to the conclusion that I am lactose intolerant when I have non-cultured dairy without any fat. On a keto diet i'm assuming you have plenty of fats so that may be one possibility it helps dampen the effect of the lactose perhaps by slowing it down and giving the gut a chance to process it.

  3. may have to do with the amount of fat slowing digestion and gastric emptying. also maybe your not fully lactose intolerant. maybe you still produce some of the lactase enzyme.

    or maybe you have a slight gluten allregy

  4. All dairy makes me bloated an uncomfortable and then, ultimately, gassy. And Pinch, I get bloated and gassy from Lactaid, too. But I've been consuming heavy cream and different cheeses left and right and no issues, whatsoever. Maybe you're right about the fats. Whatever it is, I'm very happy about it and so is my lady! LOL

  5. thats awesome, i am planning to start my keto diet this week and I am also lactose intolerant, i wonder if it will have the same effect on me... which isn't really bad, i just eat the **** out of those lactaid pills so i can eat cereal. only milk, sour cream, and ice cream give me cramps/gas.... i hope it works, cuz i'll drink the **** out of milk if i could



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