hiit training??

  1. hiit training??

    i am currently 5'11 320lbs. if i can do it and start off slow should i try hiit training? also would prefer to do outside in a vacant parking lot. any suggestions, routines??

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    From what I'm hearing from gymrat friends anyone can benefit from HIIT. I just heard of it on Fri, and started asking around at the gym. It's HOT among the veterans b/c it's proving itself. Sprints seem to be best. Google HIIT to find the best routine timing. Rest is critical. (I sound all know-it-all, but I'm just going by what trusted buds have told me in the past few days. I started HIIT myself today!)

  3. tbh at 320lbs with little or no cardio work prior id be inclined to say give HIIT a miss for now.

    The reason i say this is that performed correctly its harsh even on the most ardent trainers.

    Id rather see you doing steady state for the first couple of months, especially if your doing it outside, the easiest form of HIIT would be sprints.

    At 320lbs, sprints on the concrete with little cardio experience is going to be hard on your joins / shins etc.

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