p90x nutrition plan

  1. p90x nutrition plan

    For the summer to get rid of my typical winter/school related unintentional bulk I am ready to drop the few extra pounds and get to my typical more defined self. I have always had a problem with diet because well I just kinda suck everything to do with diet!! A friend has the p90x system and said the nutritional plan is pretty easy to follow and gives you good recipes and grocery lists! That is exactly what I need. I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this nutrition plan. Thanks!

  2. I left the manual at work, but if I remember correctly it has three ways to plan your meals: one is meal based, one is portion based, and I forget what the third one is.

  3. I just ordered P90X about three days ago. Should ship shortly and will notify asap.

  4. I just ordered P90X about three days ago. Should ship shortly and will notify asap.

  5. p90X is intense.. i have the regular p90 and it was tough to get into. I wish you guys luck, keep us updated as to how you like p90x please!

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    Check your PMs mate, I've given my opinion there.


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