Keto Carb up day...

  1. Keto Carb up day...

    okay So I got the part about getting into Keto, and I actually started feeling fricken great, still a bit weaker in the gym than last week...thank god for jack'd tho.

    anyways tomorrow I have my carb up for at least 24 hours and I was wondering do I just wake up in the morning and get my favorite breakfast of four poached eggs and two pieces of 100%ww double fiber bread, or do I need to break back in to eating carbs slowly so I dont get all loopy and screwed up?
    like half a piece of bread, than an hour later 1 piece of bread, then like 2 hours later then I get my breakfast...

    What do you guys think?

  2. how many days of protien and fat have u done so far?

  3. 2 pieces of bread does not equal too many carbs :P

    You don't want to overdo your meals though. Also, don't drink too much water this day, and try not to drink much water with your meal or you will bloat like hell and feel like $hit!! Basically, you will feel bad on your carbup day though, and tired.

    Utilize glucose disposal agents like NA-RALA/yellow gold/etc pre-carb meals. Maybe half hour before. This will help pack those carbs into your muscle and stop you from feeling too bloated or tired...while giving you a nice pump.

  4. 5 days of protein and fat

  5. I have anabolic pump is that alright to use.

  6. It's great to use. Also, look into NA-RALA. Should be a good combo. I just use bulk NA-RALA + bulk yellow gold.

  7. yellow gold= bulk AP but not by usplabs? do I have it right...kinda.

    what is the most carbs I should have with any meal?

  8. I dunno. You have to calculate your BMI. Find out what your estimated lean body mass is.

    Also check out some info here and research Lyle McDonald:

  9. It honestly depends. For me I don't get so scientific on my carb ups. I usually go 2 weeks now before a carb up and then for one day maybe 1.5 I try to boost my metabolism by eating a lot of food and lots of carbs. I don't count, I just listen to my body and remember for next time how I felt. If I can't move, I know I overdid it =P

  10. lol got it... So just fill'er up. check! thanks for your help bro.

  11. Really depends though, I mean, I go keto for two weeks, so I use the day to take care of some cravings ;-) But this isn't what most people do. For me it's the sane thing to do but you can also do damage this way lol..If you are aiming for maximal weight loss then you don't want to go over 5000-6000 calories on your carb up day. I sometimes hit 8000. I do this when I feel like my metabolism has slowed too much. I would approach with caution. If you just give er, then prepare to sleep the whole weekend with a belly ache too lol.

  12. okay seeing it more clearly now...slow and steady till we see how it feels. btw thanks for all of your continued help.

  13. most people get so caught up in doign things the "right way of doing things" or "on a schedule" listen to your body when your feeling dragged and drained increase long as your burning some during the day your losing....then go back down low carb again...

    I personally like the low fat refeeds everyone has been raving about because they work so well verses the high fat/high carb refeeds. Impressive has a thread on here somewhere The Refeed/carb up MEGA thread..

    also to fully understand how your body uses fat and to increase fat burning capabilities listen to this broadcast by Justin Harris. he uses the examples of woolies mammoths. hope it makes sense to you it sure did to me and helped me a lot as did the refeed thread.****184 APR50 50 % off
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