No longer rotten inside, but....

  1. No longer rotten inside, but....

    ... perhaps I can't tolerate carbs? I have almost ALWAYS had oatmeal in my morning shake. Up to 2 full cups of oatmeal recently. I would be a nightmare for the first half of the day. Then, my post-workout shake would consist of half a cup of dextrose and tons of protein. Same results.

    Recently I substituted peanuts butter and olive oil (for calories) for the oatmeal in my morning shake. Miraculously, little or no gas. I have limited my carb intake somewhat in the last week or so, and I have been a much more pleasant person to be around.

    What the hell? I never heard of a person reacting like this to high carbs.

  2. Were you using uncooked ground oatmeal or cooked oatmeal?

    Have you ever done a keto diet? I noticed a significant decrease in gas when on a keto diet. I never used to be able to eat broccoli because I'd be doubled over in pain because the huge gas bubble wouldn't exit either end (I bet you didn't want that mental picture in your head). Now, when I'm watching my carbs I eat a couple pounds a month.


  3. It was uncooked. Does that make a difference?

    I've never done a keto diet before, no. Yesterday, the only carbs I took in all day were the carbs in milk. I drink tons of milk, so by my estimates I am still getting around 150g or more carbs per day.

  4. Sorry it took so long to reply, but my computer kept locking up earlier this week.

    Yes, I have been told by AM's resident keto clown (aka Bobo) that uncooked oatmeal can make a difference, and some people's system can not tolerate it. I have no problems from it so I stick to running it through a coffee grinder since it's a lot less work that cooking the oatmeal.

    If you're drinking 2% milk you must be drinking a tad over 3 quarts per day to get 150 g of carbs. Also, 99% of the carbs in milk come from lactose so your body may respond differently to milk than oatmeal since it's carbs do not come from lactose (only 2% of the carbs come from glucose and sucrose).

    Here is an excerpt of an e-mail from friend whom I've been helping get going on Atkins.

    I have just completed my first week on Atkins and lost a total of 7 pounds but the best part is I feel 10 yrs younger. I think I had a wheat intolerance of some sort and being off wheat products has made me feel much better in the digestive tract. I don't get heartburn at all anymore either. No gas pain or bloating. Can't complain and that is enough reason to continue.

  5. Bump on what TatorTodd said about the keto diet. While bulking (unrestricted carbs) I was positively ripe. Switched to cutting on keto diet, and the gas went away almost completely. Back to bulking, and to no ones surprise, the stink is back. Oh well, guess the guys at work will just have to wait for my spring cutting cycle again.

    Don't know that this will help you at all, but you're not alone in this problem.

    Sorry to hijack this, but TatorTodd any ideas on grinding the oats effects its GI?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by littlemark
    Sorry to hijack this, but TatorTodd any ideas on grinding the oats effects its GI?
    None of the Glycemic Index website that I checked had anything. However, for what it's worth, I do recall being told that it had a negligible impact.

    Bump for AM Mods or CKD mods.



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