I've been planning a lean bulking cycle for some time now. It will be my first injectable cycle with AAS, namely Testosterone. I will also be taking either Mass Tabs, or Super Mass Caps. My diet and training routine for the bulk is all in check, however, I'm wanting to lose a little more weight, mainly for health reasons. I also feel that it'll help to further improve the results during my bulk.

These are the current stacks that I'm considering;

DCP & Leviathan Reloaded (I have used these in the past with great results!)
RPM/Drive & Neovar
Asteroid Stack

I also have a Napalm/liquid Clen mixture and a bottle of Lipoderm-Ultra. I'll be purchasing Eviscerate and using Atomic Meltdown while I tan.

I've seen a lot of talk about an EC stack being most effective, however, I've also seen talk about all these different stacks. To be honest, I'm torn between all the ideas.

I need help getting my supplementation in check, as well as a proper diet. I'd like to cut down for a month, or two, to help lose some weight, get my blood pressure/cholesterol under control, and to give support supp's some time to kick in and start working.

During the cut, I'll be using the following for support supp's;

Animal Pak
Animal Omega
Animal Nitro
Gut Health
Cycle Support (I've heard stacking this with PCS is a good idea since both can do maybe one, or two, things that the other can't.)

I've considered including the GHSR Stack, Poseidon, and some type of protein.

Feel free to give suggestions about diet, training and supplementation.

Thanks ahead, ladies and gents.