carbs on dnp

  1. carbs on dnp

    what is the lowest carb intake sum1 had while on dnp..

  2. Ive never gone below 30%.

    And i certainly wouldnt recommend going lower if your not experienced with it.

  3. I did a ckd, so sticking under 40g carbs a day. was a weird week.

  4. CKD on DNP?

    How did you find it?

  5. Was rough, still sweated balls the whole time. probably in 9 days lost 4lbs of fat. not super effective, but not toally horrible either. I've never been much of a heavy carb eater. Realistically I think you do need to either go relatively high carb, or totally into ketosis for dnp to work.

  6. i've tired being under 60g of carbs
    the whole day was ****y.. tired feeling all day...

  7. What does DNP mean?

  8. 2,4 dinitrophenol

  9. CKD and under 60g carbs on DNP?

    You pair have bigger balls than me, i dont think id be able to move lol.


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