My plan work?

  1. My plan work?

    This is for keto diet.

    6am: 20min fasted cardio
    7am: 4 omega 3 eggs and 90cals of marble cheese
    9am: workout
    12pm: 4oz salmon fillet
    3pm: 1.5cup 80\20 beef and 90cals of marble cheese
    6pm: same as 7am or 3pm meal

    As for workout go's it will be a full body workout for first 2 days and than i continue my split afterwards. chest\tris, back\bis, shoulders\legs and abs every day.

    Please tell me if theres any changes that should be made or if anything should be added.

  2. For 195lbs i dont think thats enough food especially if your just starting.

  3. - That is not nearly enough food.
    - Keto or not, I never do cardio on an empty stomach.

  4. Not enough food. I'm 165 and eating 150g fat, 150g protein, 30g carbs.

    Also, I heard from somebody to not do cardio/fat burners until you see how the diet affects you for a week or two. You may not need them and it could cause some muscle loss.

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