Any critical problems with this diet?

  1. Any critical problems with this diet?

    Heres what ive been eating...somehow i have been considerably leaner than usual, which is nice, because i think i was confusing being a little bit fat for bulking. one thing might be that i drink waaay less milk than i used to and switched to skim from 1% all that milk was fermenting and giving me gas. (.5 gallons or so a day)
    weekday diet-
    1- total raisin bran with skim, and 1-2 scoops of optimum whey in water
    2- 2 scoops whey and 2 scoops maltodextrin (like 50-60 carbs)
    3- chicken breast or turkey with 4 slices whole wheat bread and a bannana
    4- dinner (not much control over this, varies day to day) generally chicken with some carb and veggies, basically always starchy
    5- a few table spoon natural peanut butter w/ a glass of skim milk (this is new to me)
    6- 1-2 scoops whey in water

    occassionally i will have 4 slices of reduced fat cheese (40g protein) and 4 slices of whole wheat bread as a snack depending on how my schedule works out.

    weekends are slightly different because i prepare more of my own food so there is more rice or oatmeal. ( i live in a frat house, no personal kitchen, cook with my girlfriend on weekends usually or use my microwave)
    anyway, are there any critical problems here, should i drop the cereal for oatmeal or not necessary? change the bread to something else or no?
    am i leaner because of cutting most carbs out after dinner? i dont want to go low carb, just want to center them around when im training, i think. is this enough carbs? it might only be like 200 so should i add carbs to meal 5? or just up the amount on meals 1-3?
    I am doing a 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off split right now, and my knees finally feel like they are back to 100% normal after my 3 week break.

    using optimum whey (23g protein per scoop), 1fasts carb powder, multi vit, glucosamine and chondroitin, creatine, and liver tabs. ph free for over 6 months, considering m1t, or at least stocking up before the ban whether i use it or not.

    goals are small size increases with respect to keeping a trim midsection because i hate being skinny fat. (lean gains i guess)
    i dont have current weight- bf% stats because i look different than usual right now. i am somewhere between 145 and 155 lbs. started at 115-120 2 years ago and good at following any diet, very very few junk foods, extremely low alcohol consumption. the real limiting factor right now is no kitchen, microwave only, except on weekends.

    anyway, thoughts or suggestions? i have access to anything that you dont have to cook basically. tuna in a can, chicken in a can, microwave wild rice, whole wheat bread, turkey, cereal, skim milk, natty peanut butter, that kind of stuff.

    thanks in advance.

  2. On the weekends, go to the store and buy enough for the entire week. Get enough tupperware to hold everything. This is what I do, very effective. I would stick to oats, yams, whole grain bread, brown rice for carb sources. Diet doesn't look horrible, just needs some cleaning up. I would avoid whey at night, or if it's all you got, add some flax to it. When do you train? What's your PWO meals look like. Give us more to go on.

  3. I always do all of my shopping weekly, and im pretty big on tupperware for taking meals with me on campus, but i dont cook a bunch of stuff in advance for the week.
    PWO is always whey and maltodextrin immediately PW, followed by another meal within 1-2 hours after training. training is generally in the morning, early afternoon at the latest.
    rice is no problem, and are you saying that i should substitute oatmeal for the cereal?
    what about the milk?
    why avoid whey at night, what would be a good alternative?
    i eat sweet potatoes on weekends regularly, but they are a new thing for me. i like them though.
    what would you move around or add? are the ratios ok?

  4. Def. stock up on the tuppaware, try to keep meals cooked for two day at a time this eliminates two or at least three days of cooking. When I was in the service I used to prepare for thre days but by day three meat was usually prety dry. I find that two day prep keep s pretty fresh. Instead of bread try eating more rice. Diet looks good though.

  5. I would drop the r bran and use oatmeal. You might want to pick up some flax oil or some udo's choice you'll need a fridge though. You could also hard boils some eggs and use that as a snack or break fast.

  6. Out of curiousity, why would he want to drop the cereal for oatmeal?

  7. oatmeal is lower GI and a bit more complex carb wise

  8. Having a higher GI carb really shouldn't matter if its first thing in the morning, should it?

  9. low GI always the ideal choice

  10. imo it doesnt matter to much in the morning.

  11. going by the list of items you have for food choice, Id be making tons of tuna sandwiches. Personally I'd use one can and cram it onto 1 slice of whole wheat bread..(1/2 a sandwich)

    also the reason you want to use something other then whey before bed, is because whey is digested rather quickly. During your sleep you want something that is slower to digest. By adding flax oil to the whey that should do it, and if you make the shake with skim milk instead of water that will add some milk protien which is good too.

    I say just get some casien powder to take before bed. They have websites where you can mix your own protien powder. You can easily make a "day" and "night" protien mix.



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