fat loss without cardio?

  1. fat loss without cardio?

    Hi, i've read a few people talk about how with a good diet/routine you're able to lose weight without doing cardio. Is this possible if so do you still just cut you're calories by ~300 from maintence? Also what kind of routine would you employ for this?

  2. Yes, It is very possible to lose fat without cardio.

    Taking your level of activity into consideration when calculating your maintenance calories, you could still cut 300-500 calories out of your maintenance level so that you are causing a deficit for fat loss.

    The kind of routines that I find best for this kind of fat loss are full body Circuits and Supersets. Incorporate movements like squats, deadlifts, rows, pull ups, chin ups, dips, push ups, bench press, lunges, shoulder press, clean and press, etc.

  3. I see well my activity level is not much I probably walk the equivalent of 3-4 miles weekdays other than working out. Also I already do rippetoes which has many of the workouts you just listed. So I suppose I do basically what I would need, I think I'll keep doing cardio though I was moreso curious. Thanks for your answer!

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