add fat fast take it off fast?

  1. add fat fast take it off fast?

    I was wondering if it was true that if you gain fat fast you can take it off fairly fast and its when you leave a high fat % for a long time that its hard to take off. True?? And yes i gained from 14 to 22% fast so.....(trips and parties)

  2. Well in my case it isn't just fat but bloating altogether. I am very carb and fat sensative I guess you would say. I add on about 7% easy even if I eat clean during a bulk cycle. After PCT when I go to cut, it drops from 18% back to 11-12% within the first 2 weeks. 4 weeks of cutting can render me about 8-9%. As soon as my cutting cycle is over I shoot back up to 12% in just under 2 weeks. I am also hypoglycemic, which has a little bit to do with this. I know this probably doesn't help lol

  3. srry what does pct mean?

  4. Post cycle therapy

  5. oh ok. And you drop that fast! I hope i can drop quit a bit before summer!



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