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  1. Diet/Training Advise

    hi all, hoping for some advise on my diet/training. Right now I'm about 215, and 6'1'. No idea of my bf, but most of my fat is where everyone else's probably is, and on my belly and love handles. I usually lift 3-5 days a week, and treadmill/elliptical 2-3 days a week. I also try and warm up for 10 minutes before lifting. I usually lift in the am, so before lifting I also have a scoop of ON's NO drink...VO something, then a scoop of whey.

    My diet is usually:
    2 scoops ON whey
    med banana

    1 scoop whey or some mozz cheese

    grilled chicken or deli chicken/turkey or a can of tuna - no bread

    Afternoon snack:
    1 scoop whey

    2 eggs and 2 egg whites, or a steak with green veggies or chicken with green veggies

    Night snack
    1 scoop casein

    Any thoughts/tweaks on what I'm eating. I'm chugging lots of water, but still dont seem to be dropping any inches or weight. My lifting is a normal 3 day split, (chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders/legs).

    Just ordered a small package of the Animal Stack to see if that helps any.


  2. Too much powder. I was doing the same but than i started having whole food for protien and i started losing. The reason is because the protien powder has no thermic effect as whole food choices do. Try some HIIT cardio after chest/tris and back/bis days and doesnt have to be long to start just 8 or 11min and work your way up. For sure get a multivitamin and cla/fish capsuls together helps with fat loss. Good luck with your goals!

  3. You don't seem to be eating enough. Even though you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn't starve your body of it's much needed nutrients. Avoid going lower than 500 calories under maintenance.

    Add more healthy fat to your diet. It will help regulate your hormone levels and add some extra needed calories.

  4. You don't seem to be eating enough. - babywifey
    Exactly. You don't want to start losing a lot of muscle.

    How long has that been your usual diet?
    How often is usually?
    What do you eat on the unusual diet days?

    My advice, try and make your diet and exercise more consistent than usual... if you want, add some cheat foods in there, only say one or two times a week so you don't get too sick of the plan. Find how many calories you need for maintenance and plan your diet a few hundred calories under that to start.

    Add more healthy fat to your diet. - babywifey
    Olive oil, natural peanut butter, some other oils as well.

    Once you get into a routine, you should see results.

    I usually gain weight during the school year and then get into a routine around summer and lose it again. You seem to have an OK start though.

  5. Thanks guys. Would you suggest replacing some of the shakes I use for snacks with a few TB's of peanut butter or an avocado? I figured with all the protein shakes, I really wouldnt lose any muscle mass.

    I do cheat occasionally. Usually its some chips, a small candy bar, or pizza. I try to limit it to once a week or so, and only on leg day when I can since I figure those are the largest muscles, and I have the best chance of burning it off.

  6. Replacing your shakes with solid food would be better, IMO. You will be getting more nutrients from solid food and it will likely keep you more full throughout the day while you are cutting.

  7. So, what changes have you made to the diet?
    How's it goin?
    Lose any weight/fat?


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