Carb Cycleing Diet

  1. Carb Cycleing Diet

    Carb Cycling Diet, or CCD grew from trial and error and was created by Negrita Jayde, mainly due to the state of ketosis that leaves the body wreched and half dead, My friend Abdominator brout this diet to my attention from the book SLICED and is a very good read. Insted of burning the body up in a keto diet we phase in and out of it not just the week before the show. Also remove the craveings for carbs and prevent loss of muscle tissue(Nigrita lost only 1 lb of muscle comeing from 149 to 135 not bad a for female competitor)

    Day 1
    Total amount of carbs consumed is 70 grams also once you have established your matanice for calories in this diet never go below 1200 cals regarless your intake should consist of only fiberous carbs (low glycmic) because starchy(high glycmic) will add up fast for low energy. Avoid going balls out in this workout high reps advised supersets and low rest interverals. Work out in the morning if possible because you will have more energy in the day.
    Include a Lean cut of beef during this day Beef is high in phenylalanine an amino acid that helps to surpess your appetite. Drink only water and cook with MCT oil (or flax seed) when required. Consume Amino tabs or better yet LIVER TABS. if you can afford it also invest in Arginine powder to help increase growth hormone and mobilize fat stores.

    Day 2
    Begin this day with testing yourself with ketostix reagent strip (you can perchase these over the counter at your local pharmacy) They measure how close you are to the state of ketosis. Remember if you are short of this state you cannot loose muscle mass. After testing you should be in the rage marked "trace." If you are not, you ate too many carbohydrates and need to make adjustmants to your diet for day 1. Thats fine tho you can make adjustmants on day 2 If you are past the "trace" range and into the small zone, add 10 to 20 grams. It can happen if you are overtraining or do too much cardio. You as of this moment probley don't feel your normal self don't worry its only temporary. If you hit the "trace" rage eat the same ammont of carbs and cals for day 2. Move foods around if you please. Also make sure your doing the same level of reps as the last workout. At the end of the eavening test yourself again on a ketostix strip. At this point you should be somewhere between the "trace" and "small" or right into the "small" range. If you are still in the "trace" range you need to drop your calories way down for day 3. Again keep the uptake of Arginine before bed and aminos with each meal a day.

    Day 3
    The Third day Known as "the wall." The easiest tasks can seem insurmountable during day 3. This is your last carb depletion day of the cycle also you last workout day. Tommarow is your day off training. To make day 3 a success, you must be able to maintain self-disipline. Train hard even if weights seem rediculously light. Without the added leverage of glycogen loaded cells, basic compound movements such as squats, bench press, Behind the neck presses, rowss, and barbell curls all suffer a loss in preformace. This is normal so don't worry. You want this to happen because sadisfactory carb depeletion is right around the corner. At the end of the day you should be firmly into the "small" range on your ketostix strip, or somewhere between "small" and "medium." Eating as you did during day 2 and training as outlined will assure you of that. The great thing about the CCD is if you are short of the guidelines you can simply make caloric adjustments and carb intake simply limit down 10 grams during the next day 3 you can shift from "small and "medium" on your ketone test, which is best during day 3. also take in arginine and your amino tabs.

    Day 4
    Test yourself with the Ketostix as soon as you get up. You should be in the "medium" range. This is an ideal biochemical enviroment for carbohydrate loading. Depending on bodyweight, sex, metabolic rate, and how far away you are from a competition, a general rule you can fallow is to consume 250-400 carbs on day 4. Hypermetabolic types can consume around 500 whell only need 400 during day 4. Most carbs should be starchy, rice, potatos, oatmeal, yams, and peas. You can consume 500 calories above your maintaince level. but make sure food is seperated evenaly throughout the day. This is also that you can eat some of those goodies you been eyeing. like nonfat yogart or that scoop of low cal sherbet. Its ok to eat them in moderation. They will break your diets monotony and will not harm your apperance in any way. Just don't go wild on em, its a diet remember? If you are hardcore skip the junk and make according changes to the meal plan to what works for you. If you are behind schedule and need to loose weight in a hurry skip the late evening meal altogether. As a general rule tho eat no less then 400-700 calories beneath your caloric maintenace ammont. On day 4 your body will absorb nutrients like a sponge and you will feel yourself fill with glycogen. So don't skimp on loading carbs a single iota, ENJOY IT!. since its a rest day let those carbs ooze back into your depleted muscles. No need for Arginine during day 4.

    Day 5
    Day 5 is somewhat a mirror image of day 4 execept that the opportunity for a dietary fling has passed. This is your day back from a training layoff so you must brace yourself whats in store. True extent of your carb depletion reveals itself during day 5. Even tho you consumed plenty of of startchy carbs and your calories were above maintance levels, you still feel quite feeble in the gym. The reason? Carbs need time to kick in. You might notice a good pump in the muscles. but fullness transitory, Those carbs won't kick in till the later part of day 6. Day 5 is a excellant time to find out which carbs seem to load you better then others. Signs of a fully carbo-loaded state are.

    >Feels easy to pose the muscles.
    >Veins start to appear more prompminently near the skins surface.
    >Your muscles are hard to the touch.
    >Slight action causes them to pump fully.
    >All muscle groups appear rounder and more fully contoured.

    No arginine is needed today.

    Day 6 FINALLY
    Somewhere during day 6 the loading signs will become very apparent. Your strength returns to normal your mood is completly back to normal. During this time, you will feel as tho your not even on a diet. In fact, many bodybuilders find this day motivational one. Their enthusiasm useally peaks, they are eager to start dieting again. At the end of the day you start back on the arginine. The fallowing day you reapeat the dietary cycle.

    >Expect to loose 5-7 pounds during the depletion phase. More then this means you were holding the above average water.

    >Once you carb up and reach a fully loaded state, you back almost all those 5-7 pounds, but you will look better. In the process of cycling through carbs, the typical figure you loose 1-1 and a half pounds of bodyfat per 6 week cycle.

    >The CCD will not allow you to hit a weight loss plateau. You can take your physique to the exact level you desire. The only stipulation is you give yourself to cycle your bodyweight down to the level you desire.

    >Smaller bodybuilders will notice they load tward the of day 5 larger ones to day 6.

    >Adding areobics during the depletion phase will markedly accelerate the process of carb depletion.

    >Aerobics may be added during the carb-loading point of the cycle, but only at night and not for longer then a total of 30 minutes. This will help rid the body excess fluids but not tax carb stores or loading itself.

    >As contest approches there is genereally a 300 to 500 calories a day drop below caloric maintenace values during loading will delay the process of loading

    >You will look your best on the 3rd day of loading (day 6) Oddly enough may bodybuilders report "cleaner" cuts but without muscle fullness before they start to carb load. This in part is due to a loosened skin texture, which can help to highlight the grooves and seperation of certain muscles.

    >After you pass through one cycle, you'll find the greatest strength on the first day of depletion. This is due to maximal glycogen stores at that point.

    >If you feel you are still not fully carbed up by the end of day 6, try takeing one more day to carb up. Its far better to do this then to begin a depletion phase when not fully loaded with carbs. Then your next cycle make the necessary changes to be carb loaded by day 6.

    >The beauty of CCD is that when you are depleting, your basal metabolic rate won't startto slow down significatly until the third day. When that happens, the addition of carbs during day 4 speeds it up markedly, making it possible to gain muscle weight while simulaneously burning fat. Also, the inertia of the enhanced metabolism continues into the first couple of days of depletion. So you burn fat at a slightly elevated level rather then systmaticly reduce calories week after week.

    >Tests were done on thyroids for this diet and they prooved to function fine when diets approched and returned to normal after contest.

    >Drink Extra Fluids during the depletion phase. This helps flush out toxins and mobilezes fat stores.

    >Use of L-Carnitine during the low-carb period also will help in fat removeal.

    >Keep a record of which complex carbs loaded best for you. this form the principal loaders for your final carb-down and carb-up for compitition.

    >It will take 3 runs through the CCD before you master it. When that happens you can predict the meal with cosmetic enhancement occers during loading phase.

    >Remember: The entire effectiveness of CCD can be ruined the moment you take too many carbs during the depletion phase. This delays the bodys chemical eagerness to "accept" the carbs, and in turns delays when you can start loading. Never give into it
    Stick to the diet and win yourself a comp!!!

    Where to get Ketostix?!? simple go here

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