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    Hello Master Minds!!!!

    I have a little question about "Stubborn Fat" (the fat that fails to disappear even through a strict diet) correct me if i wrong OK i read some articles that says stubborn fat is estrogenic by nature and some people just have high numbers of A2 receptors is highly influenced by estrogen well i keeping reading and researching BINGO! Yohimbine HCL bind the A2 receptor and blocks Norepinephrine (and other A2 agonist including estrogen) right after this if is used a product that (ATD eliminates the production of estrogen in the body) and AI (Aromatase-inhibitor) ok is my theory is correct It thus allows for fatty acids to be "burned" hence the stubborn fat will be lost?

    Please correct me if something is wrong or any other best product!!!!!!

  2. Firstly mate how did you come to the conclusion you have this?

    Anyways your right in a sense, the theory suggests fat becomes more "stubborn" when hormonal pathways are broken down i.e. when you get old, when you crash diet, when you yo-yo diet etc.

    For example i see a lot of people including family members basically starving themselves, but refusing to do cardio / resistance work, this can and most likely will result in high lvls of fat being harder to use up as energy, its not the fats fault, its trying to keep your sorry ass alive and its been this way for a period of time beyond our comprehension, its OUR fault for fking with that process.

    Basically it boils down to this, certain hormones and their functions will deem where fat is deposited in the body when you consume too many kcals (cavemen mentality). For us blokes its usually chest, arse and belly.

    Now back to what your saying, stubborn fat does have a higher level of estrogen than 'normal fat cells', the cell will also contain a higher ratio of beta receptors (i think you refer to them as A2). In a nutshell your bodies usual mode of fat loss via hormones (theres a few IIRC adrenaline is one) wont work with this kind of fat also in my honest opinion no supplement is going to help long term.

    You can blame the hormones but ultimately it was your lifestyle that caused this, you need to address that.

    Fact is poor exercise and poor food choices led here (associated with high estrogen and insulin resistance) causing stubborn fat.

    Start by going through all the foods you currently eat.

    Honestly man, stubborn fat is often used as an excuse and thus not taken seriously by most because of people "crying wolf" when infact people arent pushing hard enough or eating clean enough.

    Sorry for the rant but to sum up (if its definately stubborn fat)

    Stubborn fat removal = lifestyle changes not supplement additions.

  3. Rigth now I`m on 2500 Cal. diet 1 hour cardio 5 days and weigths i drop 30 lbs. but the belly fat is TOO HARD TO DROP DAMN! what i can do for MELT BELLY FAT?

    Thanks for honesty I appreciate this.

  4. Damn I TRAIN HARD EVERY DAY but i need some help with this!

  5. Take a picture, if you dont want to post it here you can Email it to me.

  6. dude, I have empathy for you. Currently, I am trying to get rid of the old pooch. Yes it is the fault of the owner who gained it, but nonetheless, it seems harder than **** to get rid of. The only thing I can say is that you have to stick it out. I think it is more of a long term fight for the those stubborn pounds. It probably took a long time to gain all that fat, what makes us think that it will just vanish off us quickly even if we put in the effort.

    Give yourself some credit, I am sure you have come a long way, and keep at it. Experiment with what you are talking about and then let all us who are in the same fight know the results. It sounds like a feasible plan.

  7. If its truly stubborn fat cells i.e. heavily swayed toward beta receptors then "sticking with it" wont do much im afriad.

    It doesnt matter how much exercise related fat busting hormones you release, simply put the door to the fat cell is shut to these soldiers.

    Anyway im no comprehensive expert, if anyone knows more than me about this please inform, after talking about it, its damn interesting.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    Rigth now I`m on 2500 Cal. diet 1 hour cardio 5 days and weigths i drop 30 lbs. but the belly fat is TOO HARD TO DROP DAMN! what i can do for MELT BELLY FAT?

    Thanks for honesty I appreciate this.
    2500 calories doesnt mean anything without knowing your BMR, level of activity etc.

    Post age, height, weight, bf%, a regular day of meals, macros etc. if you want real help.


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