my bulking diet..what do you thing of it?

  1. my bulking diet..what do you thing of it?

    I'm 33 5'7". Weight is about 167lbs. I lift mon-fri, about 1hr sessions, and do cardio on sat and sun for 25mins..
    Here is a day out of my food journal. Tell me what you think.

    6:30am Carbs: 1 cup wheat chex or Kashi Go Lean cereal w/1 cup skim milk.
    Protien: 1 scp Prolab whey mixed w/1 serv. of powdered milk and

    9:30 Carbs: 3/4 cup of oatmeal with sweet and low
    Protien: 3 whole eggs scrabled, 1 slice fat free cheese, 1 cup
    skim milk

    11:30 Carbs: 1 cup rice, 1/2 cup of vegetable usually peas, corn, green
    beans or broccolli
    Protien: 6 oz. of turkey or chicken breast, 1 cup skim milk

    2:30 Carbs: 2 slices of Grant's 100% whole wheat, a bunch of raw
    Protien: 1 can of tuna w/1 tbsp. of mayo light

    3:45 Pre-work out low fat yogurt or whole banana 4:30-5:30 workout

    5:30 Post workout shake, 1/2 cup Now carb powder with 2 scps of
    Pro Lab whey protien.

    6:30pm Carbs: 1 serv rice or 6oz. of potato usually boiled w/spray butter
    1/2 cup veggies usually grean beans or frozen broccolli
    Protien: 6oz. chicken breast or fish, or 5 oz. of steak

    9:30 before bed snack. 6oz. cottage cheese or 1scp of peanut butter light
    with Pro Lab whey and powdered milk.
    Averaging 3300cals, 60-70g's of fat, 350-370g's of carbs, and 300g's of protien

    I drink aprox 90oz. of water a day. Sups are multi vitamin, BCAA's, and creatine. I pretty much eat the same stuff every day. The only meals that change are the 11:30 am and the 6:30 pm meals and they are not much different that what I posted.

  2. Did I make my post too complicated? I got a lot of views but no replies. Please give me some input.

  3. The only thing I would consider changing is the pre wo meal. A banana wont give you energy for long enough IMO. Oats might be a better option. Everthing else looks in order. Also, why the cardio? Unless you're gaining fat too quickly I'd stay away from it.

  4. personally, that would get old really quick and i prefer to bulk with a higher fat content. It works well for me, but last time i offered advice on gaining weight i got flamed.

  5. Just replace the wheat chex or go lean with some more oatmeal. Pre-bed snack shouldn't be cottage cheese or PB, should be cottage cheese and pb or flax. Other than that, looks good.

  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will start to have peanut butter with the cottage cheese at night.
    As far as the fat content of my diet, that was one of the more leaner days out of my journal. I have red meat and pork frequently, probably 3-4 times a week, and I do trim the excess fat off. So my daily fat grams do go up on other days. I have one splurge day a week, usually sunday.
    With the wheat chex and go lean cereal, those are 100% whole wheat cereals so I thought those would be good to eat in the morning. I don't have much time in the mornig so that's why I chose those cereal's to eat. I know oatmeal is the best choice but time is tight in the mornings. If you think the cereals are someting I should not be eating then I will try to make time for the oatmeal.
    I'm still doing cardio just to try to keep fat gain to a minimum, I know you will gain fat when bulking and I have gained some. I try to keep the cardio fairly light for about 20 to 25 minutes.
    As far as my pre-workout meal, I consider my 2:30 meal the pre-workout. That's 2 hours before my workout, the banana or yogurt that I have at 3:45 is just a reassurance that I'm not in a catabolic state when I get to the gym.
    I don't feel like I'm running out of steam during my workouts, but if you thing this not good then I'll try to eat the oatmeal.

  7. what do you Splurge W/ on Sundays?

  8. Usually snack chips or icecream while I'm watching football. Somtimes I'll have pizza or McDonald's for dinner. I will pick one of those four things or maybe two and have smaller portions of each and just chow.


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