1. Sprinting

    I heard that sprinting for around 20 minutes every day not only shreds fat but helps you to continue building strength rather than dieting which may interfere with strength gains. Is this true?

  2. Sprinting certainly can help you lose fat but I (a normal athletic individual) couldn't handle it everyday -- twice or so a week on non-strength-training days seems to a good place to start. You can really fatigue the CNS and just feel like **** in general if your recovery isn't spot on.

    Dieting might limit strength gains, but it definitely doesn't necessitate a loss of strength -- that depends on the diet itself and the caloric intake. But in general yes, sprinting is a great way to burn fat but retain muscle mass.

  3. Thanks alot man. I'm just lookin for ways to shred the fat i put on from the excess protein and carbs. All them diet pills are bull**** and i could never stop eatin carbs cause i would be dead in the weight room.

  4. I've been mulling over giving this routine a try. Currently I am just running intervals on the treadmill alternating between 220's, 440's and 880's; when time permits


  5. Actually, might as well talk about it in this thread -- some people advocate "sprinting" for 40-50 seconds during a given interval.. is anybody really doing this? Can any of you put forth max effort for that long?

    I can do an all-out sprint for roughly 20 seconds MAX.. after that my performance goes down immediately. Maybe the concept is to be trying to go as hard as possible.. but I mean, if I run as fast as I can for 40 or 50 seconds, I'm done. I would need like a 3 or 4 minute rest period.. which is way too long.

  6. actually i heard as long as your going as hard as you can than that's when the benefits of sprinting actually kick in. like i think you can rest as long as you need as long as you max when your sprinting. i heard it like speeds up your metabolism hugely

  7. Yep you guys are pretty much working toward the right 'way'.

    HIIT is all about maximal effort, if your going to do 1minute max periods then its all about going flat out for that minute. If your doing 10 x 1 minute rounds of sprints for example, its highly unlikely round 1-3 will be as fast and hard as rounds 8-10, if they are then you werent going hard enough in the earlier rounds.

    Sprinting for 20 minutes or 20 x 1min rounds of HIIT is pretty advanced, especially daily. Most people start with

    5mins warm up
    5x1 minute sprint period with 1min rest periods
    5mins cool down

    2-3 times a week, then increase those 1min MAX periods when 5 isnt destroying you anymore.

    Im upto 11 rounds now and i am destroyed after it, works wonders for leaning out though and my MMA training in terms of explosiveness.

    I should add that theres a few different ways to do interval work, when i measured it, for the 1min MAX period, my heart rate was only really maxxed for 35(ish) seconds, which actually meant i wasent doing the full round effectively.

    Now i use a heart rate monitor and when i hit my magic heart rate number, only then do i start counting the 1 minute MAX period.
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  8. IDK about straight sprinting for 20 mins...HIIT is what I do, and love

  9. find a mountain/trail and walk and run it.

    edit: enjoy the view


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