weight or cardio? while on eca

  1. weight or cardio? while on eca

    What works best for weight loss while on ECA 25/200/82 4xday?

    Cardio or weight training. I bulked already and now im trying to lose weight. I wanted to straight up lose weight for the first month opr so and then start weight training while continuing hiit and cardio.

    Meaning for the first month or so I know I will lose muscle along with the fat. And after that I will continue the cardio but will jump back on the weight training. is that a good plan? Or should I just keep at the weight training from the start?

    BTW currently my workouts consist of 3 days a week, full body weight training, and hiit once or twice a week, mornings.

    NO xplode
    ON 100%whey
    Animal Omega
    Vitamin world fish oil
    Healthtech Mono Creatine
    Wellmness Nutrition Fish caps

  2. keep the weight training and do cardio as well

  3. Should I up either one? I can really use the energy for the weight training, but dont know if I should be doing too much cardio while on eca. I guess my question is how will i get the best overal results, short or long term.

  4. Try to maintain your muscle so basically just up the cardio but continue to weight to train to try to keep your strength is what i do i monitor my weight and reps and as long as i can do the same amount of weight before and after while dropping fat i think its fine if you gain strength great but try to maintain it it will help a lot later on.

  5. Keep up the weight training. I'd only suggest weight training 3-4 days a week. Full body routines are the way to go, so you are on the right track there. And doing HIIT or body weight circuits will be great for fat loss on off days. Seems like you are headed in the right direction. I would suggest that you try to maintain your muscle. Having muscle will only make fat loss easier.

    Diet is important here to. Be sure you are eating enough protein and healthy fats as well as a TON of fibrous veggies. At least a gallon of water a day will do you some real good.


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