cutting advice pls!

  1. cutting advice pls!

    i started training 3 months ago and have been working hard and gained about 20lb naturally in this time

    Anyway I have a bit of stomach fat I want to get rid of - im meeting my ex-gf in 1 month (we're "special freinds" if you know what I mean) and I need abs to show!

    Ive been cutting down on my calories, increased the reps per set, and introduced some cardio. However ive been told by my gym trainer that if I start doing cardio now the body eats in to the muscle first before the fat and ill lose much of my hard earned muscle that ive gained :/

    Can anyone advice me how I can now shed some stomach fat while keeping as much muscle as possible?

  2. If you are eating right and lifting right, adding a bit of cardio should not burn away your muscle. I'd suggest doing HIIT or body weight circuits on off days of lifting.

    What is your weight lifting routine? For fat loss, compound movements incorporated into a circuit or supersets are the best.

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