Methods of dropping water weight inorder to ship

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    One Shot.... You knew that you would have to lose the weight when you joined also. You have a certain weight to join and one to ship. Don't start acting like the Marines aren't fair, because you knew what you were getting into. They don't tape applicants and they never have. They have a 10% over rule. That is where if you are within a lower standard you can still ship, but if they already have enough to ship that cycle then you are out of luck. The qualified ones get to go, and you will get bumped out. To prevent that you will need to stay on a strict diet with a good amount of water. Once your ship date comes up you can start to taper off of the water. LOTS AND LOTS OF Cardio. That trash bag you have been running in.... throw it in the garbage. The night before you go to Meps, get a hardcore sweat on to lose any additional water weight.
    i know sorry if i was seeming like i was complaining and saying its not fair, its not like im not in good physical standing thats why i was kinda pissed at first, id understand if i was overweight and couldnt pull myself around, but i can, i run at least 4 miles a day and im taking it up 6, i can do 93 crunches in 2 minutes and only 10 pullups at the moment but i mean i am a big guy, and seeing how i was the heaviest recruit but i can perform better than the ones that are at or below weight and they not ship me was kinda bs but ill drop the weight since that is what needs to happen. i do understand they have requirements and ill meet them, dieting wise ive been only drinking water and eating chicken salad, with some fruit each day thats about it.

  2. and seeing how i was 240 pounds and im down to 215, id say im doing a farely good job at showing the discipline to make weight. it sucks cuz im not near as strong as i used to be but thats the sacrifice ill make to join.

  3. very low carb diet for 4 or 5 days prior you should drop 4-5% of your body weight. Need to keep sodium low and do some aerobic exercise will help.

  4. I believe you that the won't take you for your weight. I'm in the army currently, and have been for almost three years and guidelines have since become rules. At the moment, coincidentally, paperwork is being generated for my seperation from the army for a similiar reason. I weigh 215 at the moment fully hydrated (I can lose 10 lbs. in two days, easy. 4 mile runs+sauna+hot showers) and the standard for my 5'11" height is 195. We are allowed taping when we weigh over, but it is computed with a neck to waist ratio, which is probably the least accurate method of computing bodyfat ever discovered by man. I wear size 34 pants but because I was severely overweight when I was younger, I have love handles despite the fact that the rest of my body is lean. My neck is small, 15", and my waist comes in at 39", so according to them, I have 26% bodyfat.

    I can do 73 pushups in two minutes, 90 situps, and I run a two-mile in 14:30. I have never been given a negative counseling or action, every Sgt. in my platoon has issued a request for my retention, and my profession requires 11 months of training and we are at only 71% strength as it is. By no act of common sense should I be discharged, but welcome to the military, my friend, where rules are unbreakable and physical standards of bodyfat apparently haven't changed in 30 years. Meanwhile, my friend who hasnt passed his physical test in over 9 months is fine, because he's thin and weak.

    You got to deal with it, bro. Take your time and drop the weight healthily. Find a local gym that offers cross-fit classes. They'll drop that weight in a heartbeat.

  5. damn im sorry, yeah i know that is how it is though, ill play by their rules. im sorry thats happening to you.

  6. ,,,and God i hate my love handles,,i cannot get rid of them,,,ill have to have NO bodyfat if i want them gone it seems like,,,orrr,,i can cut them off lol.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by One Shot View Post
    ,,,and God i hate my love handles,,i cannot get rid of them,,,ill have to have NO bodyfat if i want them gone it seems like,,,orrr,,i can cut them off lol.
    Im the same way bro... i came out of boot and still had them at the leanest ive ever been... ill never get rid of them without a ridiiculous diet

  8. ,,,darn you genetics,,darn you.


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