Persistant body fat - thinking about liposuction

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  1. Well you haven't ever listed what calories you were eating and what your actual workouts were. The only diet you listed was at the beginning, and it sucked. Post up what you have been eating when on your "diet" and how many calories and such. Post up what your workouts were when you didn't make any progress. You lost 5 pounds, then said gained it back on your cheat day. You just gained water weight back since you were on low carbs, no big deal.

    If you don't know how many calories specifically you are eating, you are missing something.

    Also, if your sister is a dietician, why can't she help you out?

  2. Whilst on the low-card diet, my diet was mostly turkey with salads and no dressing, and for breakfast/snacks, low-fat bacon and Ryvitta crackers with cottage cheese. Plus on the weight training days I would have two creatine/protein shakes.

    My calorie intake would be between 1800 and 2000 (depending on the shakes), my fat intake was less than 50gr (10 saturated) and my carbs were less than 100 on the day I didn't have a shake, and around 120-140 on the days I did have a shake.

    My workout would be 30 mins on the treadmill at 7km/ph at a 25% incline (works up a sweat like nothing else!) and 30 mins on the rowing machine.

    My sister studied nutrition and dietetics but is working in real estate (I know, go figure!) so her help was only what she could remember from university 5 years ago.



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