Help With Getting Shredded :)

  1. Help With Getting Shredded :)

    Ok just finishing off my Bulking faze and wanting to get cut for summer.

    My aims are to Burn Maximum Fat while not loosing Strength/Muscle Size.

    Currently i am on about 2500-3000 Cals with 30g Protein/40g Carbs per meal.

    I was planning to try Slim Extreme anything else to stack with apart from usual whey omega bcaas ect?

    How long should my workouts be?
    How many reps?
    Carbs only around workout?

    Anyother Advice would be great,

  2. At 144 pounds I would continue to bulk.

  3. im in a similar phase, just starting to cut, but not wanting to lose any weight. People still suggest i should bulk to, but at this pint i'd rather look better for the summer...

    I would highly recommend HIIT training. I do the Tabeta program on an erg machine and its a pretty amazing workout. Heres a link for details on that. I should warn you tho, as it says in the website, its pretty intense...

    As for workout details, I do a 4 day zone specific cycle, as follows.
    day1: chest and tri's
    day2: Back and bi's, followed by HIIT
    day3: Traps, delts and abs
    Day4: Legs, followed by HIIT

    Many people will have diff suggestions, but I have been doin this for a week and my abs have already started to show more, so seems to be workin well. Good luck man!

  4. Well i am bulking for another month, but i wanna look good when i take off my top even if there is nto huge amounts of muscle it will look like mroe as it more defined. Also will leave me free to bulk for the rest of the summer im only looking at a small cut 1-2 Months depending on fat loss ect.

  5. As far as weight training goes, keep lifting heavy! A lot of people think you're supposed to drop the weight and increase the reps, which will end up making your muscles look stringy. If you want to keep the muscle you've got, you have to diet smart and continue to lift heavy.

    Just my opinion, but if you only weigh 144lbs at the moment, I think you should continue to bulk up. You could bulk all the way through next year and then cut up, but by then I bet you could have put on at least another 10-15lbs or more of lean mass, at least! That's just my opinion though.

  6. I'd have to agree with these guys. Just get super clean and continue the bulk training. Spend your cash on some bulk chicken breast and frozen mixed veggies. If you want to drop a little, cut out some of those carbs. Are you mixing your protein with water or milk? If with milk, swap out with water and you can easily shed some carbs right there.

  7. Weight lifting should not be over one hour each time you go in.

    Eating carbs at breakfast and around your workout will help keep you energized, and limiting them to those times can help you lose fat.

    Like everyone else is saying, I would suggest that you gain more muscle mass before cutting. Otherwise you won't have a whole lot to show off under that fat.

  8. thanks for the advice guys


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