Digestion problem at 9:30 AM...meal 2?

  1. Digestion problem at 9:30 AM...meal 2?

    sup guys

    my first meal is at 6:30 am and that causes no problem.
    When i eat a meal 3 hours later at 9:30 am, i always get my stomach messed up and it makes me feel sick for the whole day (produce a lot of gas amongst others). But if i eat something very light, like a couple of biscuits or a banana... it's fine... but i get very hungry before my third meal at 12:30...

    the meals i eat at 9:30 which cause the problem ar usually Tuna Sandwich or 30g Almonds or something that has about 300 - 400 calories.

    can anyone tell me what's wrong?...

  2. Need more info on what that meal is. It could be hundreds of things, but I assume its specifically the food you eat.

  3. that's the thing, even when the meals are different, i'm still getting stomach upset.

    In the past, i've had Peanut butter sandwich or Tuna sandwich. Then i thuoght it might have been bread that was the problem. So I changed it to 1/4 chicken(breast) and salad. I had the same problem. Then I changed it to 30g Almonds and an apple. Same problem.

    But when i consume something of significantly less calories such as a banana and a couple of biscuits, I don't have the stomach upset.

  4. Perhaps then you should eat light during that 2nd meal and make up for calories throughout the rest of the day. Or just eat that 2nd meal very slowly over the course of an hour or so.

  5. yea true that. I'm currently doing that.
    I tried to split my meals up evenly but meal 2 causes too much of a crisis.

  6. Whats your first meal? Maybe thats the cause?
  7. UKStrength
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    Quote Originally Posted by wearedbleedblue View Post
    Whats your first meal? Maybe thats the cause?
    Agreed. If it isn't the first meal, try making the second meal liquid-based (like a shake), they're very easy to digest.

  8. Try eating 3-5grams of fish oil with each meal.

  9. ey guys... my first meal is
    30g cheerios + 300ml low fat milk, followed by 250ml Egg whites (from the carton). Apparently it equates to 8 egg whites.

  10. Some people have that during different meals. In my case, it is the first meal of the day, regardless of the time. I cannot bring myself to eat it (nausea), and if I do eat it, no matter how healthy, my stomach thinks I ate a can of refried beans. If I wait 2 hours after waking up or if I consume the meal with a carbonated drink I usually have no problems.

  11. there seems no obvious cause - there are some foods certain people just shouldn't eat.

    I suggest you Google "Metabolic type" and run a free online test.


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