My weight loss

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    My weight loss

    Currently focusing exclusively on fat loss. I reached most of my mass/strength goals in 90 days of intense lifting; even if I lose all of the mass I gained in last 90 days, will be easy to build back. A bit of a hyper-endomorph, played offensive line in college, build muscle easily and fat very easily. Hypothyroid, last tested 8 months ago, currently on Synthroid at 225 per day, but no symptoms other than sluggish weight loss.

    Caloric consumption was running 3500-4000 per day, but over past month have brought to 2500-2750 per day. May go to carb cycling once book arrives, but for now just eating oatmeal for breakfast, small sandwich/salad for lunch, and reasonable dinner. If snacking necessary, taking a protein shake. Drinking about a gallon of water per day.

    Weight has dropped from 318 to 309 over past month. This is OK but I'd really like to do better, especially when you consider that BMI is 30-35% and how much cardio I'm doing.

    Doing cardio for 60 minutes per day at 140-160, averaging 800 calories burned per session. I have the energy and motivation for a second, lower intensity session later in the day. De-emphasized heavy lifts and am doing circuit training 3xs per week, no noticeable changes in mass.

    I'd like to accelerate fat loss, even if it may mean some fat loss. Will additional cardio achieve this, or am I already red-lining it for fat loss to begin with?

  2. Should check out a keto diet since you sound like a fat ass endomorph like i am. I started out at 285 @ 5'8" and currently 225 and still fat as **** or atleast i still feal that way untill i put on some clothes i use to wear like my 44" waist pants which then i can see i lost a crap load since i currently wear 38" pants. The keto diet im doing now has helped me break the 230's since i have been stuck above that weight for the last 3 or 4 months and now finally busting it down deep into the 220's and hope to see 219 real soon.
    As far as cardio is concerned you should concentrate on 1. doing 30-45 min first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to burn the most fat off. Some people cant do this which is ok if you can't. 2. You should really keep your heart rate under 130 beats per min. The reason for that is to keep the muscle wasting to a min espically since you will be cutting calories back quite a bit. 3. Try to do 5 or more days a week of cardio. 4. If you can't do cardio in the morning the next best thing is to do it right after you lift weights. To really accelerate your fat loss your going to need both diet and cardio to be both in check one just one or the other crap. Take it all in steps and look at your weight loss as a goal to reach the next 5lb drop. Forget about how much total that you have to loose cause you will only get depressed espically if your loosing 2-3 lbs a week. Just focous on loosing the next 5lbs. You do really need to get some kind of diet plan together and stick to it. Write down all the foods that you can eat, then each week plan out what your going to have that way you can change it up a bit and your not eating the same foods over and over again which will get boring and you will then be craving something different and chances are your going to pick something you shouldnt eat. So plan thoes meals out and concentrate on the cardio, work the weights in later once you lost a good bit of weight..

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    Thanks for the input. And yes, I'm a "fat ass" in that I recognize that my weight is disrupting comfort, appearance, health, energy, and professional performance. Getting below 250 is an absolute must for me.

    I've already been doing an hour of fasting cardio, and the weight is slowly coming off. I had a lot of success with AD in the past; I dropped about 60 pounds in 4 months and kept it off for about a year, but it came back. Doing full-blown AD isn't an option for me right now as my job requires that I go to meals with clients 2-3 days per week.

    I'm trying the Carb Cyling Diet, which I've heard very positive things about. All the local bookstores were out of it, so I ordered online and should be here in a few.

  4. If you want some serious chemical assistance, dinitrophenol and clenbuterol are excellent for weight loss. I used to have a serious gut and 3 months cycling DNP I dropped almost 40 lbs. Fast loss tho will cause some muscle loss.

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