New to website, trying to lose weight, need some advice...

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  1. Question New to website, trying to lose weight, need some advice...

    Been going to the gym a little over a month now and im 5'7'' i was weighing184 down to 177, target weight: 140. The only thing i've been doing so far is an hour of Cardio 5-7 days a week. Trainer at the gym recommends doing for now is cardio. I've cut down on the fast food, caffeine drinks. I know that loosing too much weight tii quickly isn't good (so i've heard). Only problem when i'm working out is this pain i have in the back of my upper thigh, Had the pain for awhile and seems to get worse whenever i go to my max when adding pressure to my foot. Tolerate pain as much as i can. Some days are better than others.
    Anyways my question to people who have needed to lose more the 20- 30 lbs. If you have any advice or any other recommendations please feel free....

    This is what ive done so far with my diet:
    *Eating 3 meals a day
    *Drinking plenty of water (64 oz). (staying away from all caffeine drinks) *Most calorie in take would be 1,200 calories i burn atleast 660 doing cardio.

  2. wait you only eat 1200 calories a day? whats your maintence aka the calories you eat that will maintain your current weight 1200 if it is your daily allotment of calories is way to low probally unhealthy.

  3. See that's the thing, i need some help on the basics...Like how many calories would somebody recomment for myself to somsume a day, I thought 1,200 wasnt too bad, but looks like it is.Guess i'm going about this whole calorie consumption the wrong way. Can't really ask my husband about this sine he is trying to gain muscle not lose weight, so we're on oppsite ends. Sort ofat a lost here on workout plans, calorie consumptions.Is cardio enough for now?Any suppliments to take?

  4. Calculating Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
    Take body weight X 10
     Ex. 130 x 10 cal/lb = 1300 calories
    Factor in activity level
     Sedentary: 20% (sitting most of day)
     Lightly Active: 30% (walking; daily chores)
     Moderately Active: 40% (Constantly moving; daily exercise)
     Very Active: 50% (heavy exercise for prolonged periods)
     Ex. 1300 cal X .30 = 390
    Add your BMR and calories burned during activity:
     1300 + 390 = 1690 calories
    Factor in calories used during digestion (10%)
     1690 X .10 = 169
    Add together BMR/activity calories & calories needed for digestion
     1690 + 169 = 1859 calories needed to support basic needs

    Calculating Protein Requirements
     12-15% of total caloric intake should be from protein
     1g protein = 4 calories
     15% intake for a 2000 diet
     0.15 x 2000 = 300 kcal
     Divide this by 4 calories/g
     300 / 4 = 75 grams of protein/day

    Calculating Fat Requirements
     20% total daily calories from fat
     1g fat = 9 calories
     20% fat intake for a 2000 calorie diet
     0.20 x 2000 = 400 kcal
     Divide this by 9 calories/g fat
     400/ 9 = 45

    Calculating Carbohydrate Requirements
     1g CHO = 4 calories
     60% target CHO intake for a 2,000 calorie diet
    .60 x 2000 = 1200 CHO calories
     Divide this by 4 calories/gram
     1200/4 = 300 g CHO /day

    Once you have calculated your BMR, ideally you should be 300 calories under that, and no more, while trying to lose weight. Make sure that when you subtract that 300 calories, you reapply that to the protein/fats/carbs equations, so you still get everything you need.

    Sorry to make you do math, but I hope this helps!

  5. You should only need to be eating about 300 calories under maintenance level. 1200 is WAY to low.

    Try calculating your maintenance calories with this online calculator:

  6. Thanks for the tip. Its a start for me ,will go on ahead and calculate to start off tomorrow. Like I've said before anyone else who can give some recommendations Feel free to give and i'll take it into consideration.

  7. just make sure you get enough protein/carbs/fat, and from healthy sources. When you have a defecit in either of these areas, it can have a very large effect on energy, as well as muscle growth. even if you are focused on losing fat, you will accomplish this faster if you grow muscle at the same time, so try not to focus too much on the scale, and pay more attention to your body.

  8. Diet is most important when it comes to fat loss. It is more important than any supplements or exercise. If you do not eat the right amount of calories or the right kind of foods it will be much more difficult to lose weight, not to mention detrimental to your health. So making sure that your diet is good is step number one.

    Then you can look at your training. I don't know why the personal trainer has told you to stick with cardio. Have you had any serious injuries recently that would inhibit you from weight training, or are their others reasons that you are sticking with strictly cardio?

  9. No no serious injuries that are holding me back from weight training. No other reasons of just cardio. Its why I'm asking for some input so that i can make out a weekly workout regiment for myself, and hopefully seeing the results i want to get out of it. But like you said yes deffinately have to be more watchful on my diet and calorie in take with the right kinds of foods.

  10. If then you are capable of lifting weights, I'd very much recommend that you do so! I used to do hours of cardio in an attempt to put off fat. While I lost some weight I lost a TON of muscle with it. I soon came to find out that I was eating WAY to little and doing WAY to much cardio. Now that I am into lifting I have gotten the fat loss results that I had always wanted.

    Compound movements like squats, deadlifts, rows, push ups, pull ups, chin ups and shoulder press will be great for you. They are full body movements that are great for fat loss. Creating a circuit with them would be even better. For example: Do one set of ten squats, rows, step ups and push ups, without pausing in between each movement, and rest only when you have completed the entire circuit. Then repeat.

  11. Thanks, sounds like a good start, will do. If i have any other Q's i'll ask...

  12. Fire your personal trainer. Right now you should be training with weights.

  13. Would anybody recomment taking any suppliments or any of that sort for a person lik me who is just beginning, if so what kind and type?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ilozoya3 View Post
    Would anybody recomment taking any suppliments or any of that sort for a person lik me who is just beginning, if so what kind and type?
    You don't need any fat loss supplements at this point. It would be beneficial for you if you picked up some protein powder to drink after working out. BCAAs are great for maintaining muscle while you are on a calorie deficit. But these are not essential. Right now getting your diet in check and starting a good workout plan are most important. Once you do that, your fat should start coming off regardless of what kind of supplements you take.

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    would u like to lose sum extra calories tonight? lol
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  23. Food Name Amount Unit Cals Fat (g) Carbs (g) Prot (g) Delete
    Total 975 45.9 65.8 79.4
    Kashi cereal cupgramskglboz 95 0.7 19.2 2.9
    Milk, 1% fat cupfl ozschool milk carton (1/2 pint)Guideline amount per fl oz of beverageGuideline amount per cup of hot cerealGuideline amount per cup of cold cerealgramskglboz 102 2.4 12.2 8.2
    Tuna, canned, water pack cupcup, solid or chunks, drainedozcan (12.5 to 13 oz), drainedcan (6.5 oz), drainedgramskglboz 194 1.4 0.0 42.6
    Beans, string, green, canned, low sodium cupgramskglboz 30 1.9 3.1 0.8
    Apple, raw cupcup, quartered or choppedcup, slicedoz, with skin, yieldscrabapplelarge (3-1/4" dia) (approx 2 per lb)medium (2-3/4" dia) (approx 3 per lb)ringslicesmall (2-1/2" dia) (approx 4 per lb)thin slicegramskglboz 72 0.2 19.1 0.4
    Almonds cupoz (22 whole kernels)gramskglboz 328 28.7 11.2 12.1
    Egg, whole, boiled cupeggextra largejumbolargemediumslicesmal lgramskglboz 154 10.6 1.1 12.5
    Total 975 45.9 65.8 79.4

    Calories Nutrition %-RDA/AI Graph Cal. Balance Custom Nutrition Goals

    Grams Calories %-Cals
    Calories 975
    Fat 45.9 394 40 %
    Saturated 7.9 70 7 %
    Polyunsaturated 9.9 85 9 %
    Monounsaturated 24.3 207 21 %
    Carbohydrate 65.8 253 26 %
    Dietary Fiber 12.9
    Protein 79.4 328 34 %
    Alcohol 0.0 0 0 %

    Fat (40%) Carbs (26%)
    Protein (34%) Alcohol (0%)

    This is my meal plan tomorrow for breakfast and lunch, I have to buy any sort of protein supplements, since i am not sure if that is what i should be doing since im just starting to make my meal pland and daily calorie intake.........

    Any good adivce will help...

  24. Have a question, i just learning how to have good form with some weights these past 2 days, and im not sure if its because im new to the whole weight resistance but as of right now my muscles in my upper back and my thighs are sore an just want to see if there is any good advice on how to recover from this a little quicker, i know the basics, soaking in warm water and the doc's i work for say to take Ibuprofen but im not much of a pill taker just like to know what else is out there ano other home remedies, etc.


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