EC stack

  1. EC stack

    I am currently doing a EC stack and I am up to 75 mg of ephedrine a day. Should i bump it up to 100 or stay at 75. I dont really feel much with 75 mg. Im doing a 2 week on then 2 weeks off the on for another 2 weeks.

  2. i've seen good results with 75mg E aday.... and I was weighing more then you at the time. Are you spacing it out during the day?

  3. i start at 25 mg in the morning then every 2 hours i take 12.5 mg.

  4. this is how i did it

    5am > 25mg E, 100mg C
    10am> same
    3pm> same

    drank lota water, did alot of cardio in the a.m. combined with strength training in the p.m.

    cycled 2on2off with a thermo

    took me 6 months with an uncontrollable diet to get the the weight i needed.

  5. Ive been running EC for about 3 weeks, and have been at my current stack for just over a week with no negative side effects, thinking about bumping up to 40g per serving. I heard that after a while you stop feeling the effects of E, but its still working its magic. So it may not be worth it to go above 25g, but Ive never seen anything saying thats the magic number. Find out what works for you.

    7am: 32g E, 200mg C
    11am: 32g E, 200mg C
    4pm: 32g E, 200mg C

  6. most people here have commented on cycling it so as to not burn out your receptors which happens after using gross amounts of stims


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