TKD Pre-Workout question

  1. TKD Pre-Workout question

    Im starting a TKD today. Going to do 3 days zero carbs (or as close as possible) and then up it to 20 carbs daily, all coming from non-starchy veggies.

    After induction Im going to take 25grams dextrose as pre-workout carbs. Im wondering if these carbs go towards my daily allotement of carbs, or should I subtract these calories from daily fat calories?

  2. Good question i am curious of this too... Also your supposed to not do pre carbs until after 10 days of very little carbs to make shure your body def goes keto. Yesterday was my 4th day and uuugh i was gettin the shakes and felt really weak but i still worked out good without any carbs just used a protein shake. I actually kinda liked it because i felt like i could really FEEL what muscles i was working out.. weird but different. But good luck! i cant wait to start carbing up though weekend after this one! lol

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