4 Weeks of Hell AKA V-diet Fun! Big Jim's Velocity Diet Log

  1. 4 Weeks of Hell AKA V-diet Fun! Big Jim's Velocity Diet Log

    Welp I figured I'd go ahead and make a log of this for people who are bored, or thinking of doing it themselves, and because I’m bored. I was gonna throw this in the "Workout Logs" area but it’s a lot more weight loss than workout.

    Anyway, after failing the V-diet miserably at the beginning of the year, I'm back for a vengeance baby!!! Also the fact I put on A LOT of belly fat in last few months due to immense amounts of stress I've had has pissed me the f*ck off!

    So I'm running this guy just in time for the summer

    Anyway, it'll begin on April 13th(the day after my 21st birthday , and Easter WTF? )

    I've decided to go the moderately stupid but safe route and just order everything from T-Nation to make sure I get the perfect amounts of what the diet calls for.

    I’ll update with measurements and pics within the next week….wish me luck!


    Measurements and stuff:
    Belly: 47''(**** I really ley myself go )
    Weight: 280

    Before Pics:
    Will post when I can.....

  2. Good luck bro.

  3. Best of luck man. Its tough, hopefully you dont have a real active job. I tried it but I became so lethargic/dizzy that I couldn't concentrate. And with me flying 3 times a week that just didnt work.

  4. thanks guys

    Yeah currently I work in a call center, I used to work at Costco doing 4am stock, haha I'd die....

  5. well I'm 3 days in, and cant wait for Friday so I can have a solid meal!!!

    on a plus I lost 1'' off my waste waist already

  6. Ive run this twice, strict and not so strict.

    Both gave results in their own ways.

    I remember my first HSM, it wasent anything special but damn it tasted gooood.


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