Aiming towards loosing weight. DCP/ECA/MNapalm/ and what protein shake?

  1. Aiming towards loosing weight. DCP/ECA/MNapalm/ and what protein shake?

    hi all. I have been doing some lifting for some time now and I ve put on some muscle. The problem is that I still have tons of fat. Dont get me wrong I did lose some fat while lifting.
    I am just not going to go any further with my weight.

    I ordered a bottle of DCP, and I have some napalm. I can also get my hands on an eca stack. What would be the best things to combine in my attempt to loose some weight. I will be incorporating only moderate lifting and hopefully HIIT every other day. Also What is a good protein shake that I can take? I was looking at ISOPURE, and musclemilk light.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Musclemilk Light is nice. Allthewhey has good prices. True protein allows you to create your own formula.

  3. Isopure is a waste of money IMO

  4. Why's that?

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  5. Just go with a cheap isolate or blended protein.
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  6. i think im going to go with musclemilk light....
    How about the ECA and DCP, or can I do 'E and DCP/napalm'


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