Wake up, cardio then back to sleep?

  1. Wake up, cardio then back to sleep?

    Hello i'll you firstly im a uni student with a relaxed lifestyle.
    I have been getting into a routine where i wake up at 630am, go to the treadmil or field and do some fasted cardio, go eat some bacon and eggs, no carbs, and go back to sleep and wake up at at 1030am say and then lunch at 1230pm is my second meal.

    I'm trying to get my body fat percentage down. I'm a football player so i want to stay fairly big.

    I guess im just wondering what you all think about my eating and going back to sleep thing. I like to run in the early morning when its cool and noone is in my gym or on my oval. But i also need that extra couple hours of sleep before i start my day for the second time.

  2. I would eat something Leaner than Bacon. I eat some Low GI carb after the run. Something like Ham, egg whites on a Whole What English Muffin, tortilla, or toast.

  3. One of the benefits of morning fasted cardio is to get your metabolism up and cranking if you go home and go back to bed you be defeating this purpose. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Its true what marsh says. When you go back to sleep your body will stay at a "resting" rate, not the high percentage you want. After that cardio, depending on how the rest of your day goes could determine how much and how fast the fat comes off.

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