getting mad... need help

  1. Angry getting mad... need help

    ok im 18 and im a freshmen in college. im 5 foot 8 and about 204 lbs. i bust my ass everyday i train. i lift monday wed and friday and run on sundays. The problem is ive got alot of size and shape but i just cant seem to put it together in terms of getting cut. i have somewhat cuts and vascularity but nothing like what i want to look like. I lift with a bunch of D1 football players who all look totally different than me in terms of being cut. theyre huge and their cut, and i don't know what to do. ive got the size i just need the cuts and veins without losing muscle... can someone help me out

  2. Well, the best training to do for fat loss is circuits, supersets and heavy compound movements. Squats, Clean and Press, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Dips, Chin Ups, Bench Press and Rows are great. Cutting the time between sets really helps keep your heart rate up. I'm willing to bet that the reason your football friends are so big and cut is that they doing HIIT for training + lifting weights as well as getting all the calories and nutrition in that they need.

    Now, how is your diet? You need to be sure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients if you are going to cut fat. Lean meat, Healthy fat and Carbs (mostly veggies) are what you should stick with.

    BCAAs would be a good supplement for you to pick up. They will help you retain muscle while you are cutting and on a calorie deficit.

  3. yea i do circuit training with all those things u mentioned. uhmm my diet is ok ive been on it for a little over a month i eat mostly all protein, steak, chicken breast and lean beef patties, i always try to have a vegetable with that. my biggest problem is the diet because somedays i wont eat anything or ill just have 1 piece of chicken because im not hungry. i just dont know what to eat and how much to eat of it

  4. Well that is your problem. You are NOT eating enough. Even when you are trying to lose fat you HAVE to eat a good balance of nutrients. If you don't your body will go into starvation mode and it will hold on to as much fat as it can. Diet is really the most important part of gaining muscle and losing fat. Eat more food and you will see more results.

    You should be eating 200-500 calories below your maintenance. Start with 200 calories and see what kind of progress you make with that. If you aren't seeing small results within 2 weeks, you can lower it to 300, Etc, etc.

    Also, it is good that you eat a lot of protein, but you need to remember that healthy fats are your friend. Natural Peanut butter, olive oil, flax seed, unsweetened coconut and avocado are all good. don't be afraid to add them into your diet, along with lots of veggies.

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    when you don't eat enough, you're playing a counterproductive game - you have to maintain those muscles, yet be in a deficit in where you're burning fat. going 200-300 calories under maintenance is the best way to go. when you go more than that, your body will try to ditch the muscle first because they require calories for maintenance, and fat doesn't have that problem.

  6. everything they said. Its all your diet.

  7. Run more. 1 day a week isnt going to do anything for you.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lamboruns View Post
    Run more. 1 day a week isnt going to do anything for you.
    You absolutely need to do more cardio. Its a pain in the ass but you arent going to drop a lot of fat by just weight training alone. What kind of goals do you have, what is your approx BF % right now?

  9. hey ak47 im in the same boat as you im 5'9 220lbs and 17 yrs old and i play football i have the muscles but i dont have a awesome cuts and veins ive been doing HiiT for about 2 weeks now and it def helps. i also lift mon wed and fri but i do hiit traing tuesday and thursday and sometimes sat. My goal is to get between 180 - 200 lbs, cuz i still have to keep my size for football. Right now im trying to loose this belly i have and its driving me nuts. Its like i have a tire around me and its so annoying. And yes i do have good diet, protein, nuts, fruit, vegies and wheat foods. So if anyone has any other advice for me and ak47 that would be pretty cool.

  10. yea man i hear you.. i dont really have a gut but its one of those things where i can feel all my abbs but i cant see them lol. but uhmm my approx bodyfat is around 13-15%. i was doing cardio tuesdays and thursdays for 45 mins but i got afraid i would drop my muscle

  11. ya thats wat i was a fraid of too wen i first started to doin a lot of cardio but if u do HIIT cardio its supposed to burn fat while keeping your muscle (so i've been told) anyway so u could try that if u wanted to.

  12. don't limit your cardio to running, running is boring, try doing some bodyweight circuits, sandbag workouts, sledge hammer workouts, all are very productive at fat loss; and there actually really quite fun!

    here's some links:

  13. dont worry too much about loosing muscle if your doing more cardio, they say aslong as your cardio remains under 45mins you shouldnt break down any of your muscle.

    Short sessions at 90% effort work well, for example a 20min run (jog 2mins, sprint 1min) will be far better for you than a boring 60min jog. This method is far more effective if you want your metabolism to increase.

    As already stated, dont just run. there is pleanty more out there. mix things up a bit to shock your body and get the best gains you can


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