Looking for help on a recomp (again)

  1. Looking for help on a recomp (again)

    Tried posting this in the nutrition forum, but gettin no love over there

    I will come back tonight and post my diet and proposed supplementation plan to help people comment on it, but here it is so far:


    I'm currently recomping on a CKD.

    I want to make sure my nutrient and supplement timing is perfect.

    Main Supps I want to utilize (outside of staples):

    Fish oil liquid
    Primaforce Sesamin Oil liquid (50% lignans)
    CLA caps (cla ethyl-ester) 1 gram caps
    Tea-GCG 50% - 500mg caps
    Coleus 20% - 100mg caps

    May add is some CRE-O2

    Most of my macros come from:

    Coconut oil
    Avocado Oil
    Sesame Oil
    Beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese
    Raw spinach
    whey / casein
    Superfood / greens powder
    Freeze Dried Berry powder
    Various veggies

    Just as a note, some of my staples include things like:
    ALCAR, DHEA, Now's Thyroid energy, Beta Alanine, Toco-8, MVP/ZMK

    Keeping away from stims, except for occassional energy drinks before workouts as needed. Nothing too crazy.


    3 day fullbody routine, mostly compound power movements, supersets / circuit training with some isolation work as well.
    I workout in evenings, cardio in mornings and eventually on off days.
    Ramping up my cardio over time as I go through this recomp period.

    I think my diet is down, but any tips would be great as well. For example, I am doing fasted morning cardio, and only protein immediately after. No fat within 2 hours of training in the morning or evening. I taper fat intake high to low from morning to evening as well.

    I'm mainly looking for the optimal way to time my supplements, and the amounts to take together for optimum synergy. Any other recommendations would be welcome too TIA

  2. What kind of cardio do you do?

  3. Just moderate cardio for the time being. 30-40 minutes
    Jogging on a steep incline

    HIIT would be too much because of how I am already training.

    I am thinking of progressing to sprints though, if I really want to start cutting near the end.
    Also, each week I am aiming to lower my rest time between sets, and adding in more supersets, so that I am progressively training with more intensity.

  4. What you might want to look into then is periodization of training so that you don't over tax your body. As far as the cardio I would strongly advise against fasted cardio on a CKD diet especially when you are training so hard. When your body is going to be low on glucose stores and needs them, your muscles are going to be the target.

    I know the logic is fasted cardio will help you burn fat faster, but on CKD where you are already burning fat as the main source of energy and glucose is only a handful of calories of energy compared to the energy used a day in fat, then that logic falls apart.

  5. So should I restrict cardio only to refeed days, and the first two days of the week? It normally takes me 2 days to return to ketosis.

    Also, how about slamming back some leucine pre - fasted cardio? Like 10-20 grams worth with some NA-RALA? BCAA's sometimes knock me out of ketosis.

    Will look into periodization. Thanks

  6. BCAA's might do that because of the valine and the iso leucine, valine I believe has anti ketogenic properties and its a glucogenic amino acid and iso-leucine can be broken down to either glucose fuel or ketones.

    The shakes sound good, you should try unfasted cardio for 1 week, just get in a low fat meal before you do cardio, see how you feel and if there is any difference for the worst on cardio like that.

    I would keep the cardio in as much as you are doing it, but just changing the nutrition around the cardio periods. I'm going to try to find the information on the glucose requirements as your cardio intensity increases. I know that oxidation of fat decreases as the intensity goes up and its supplemented with glucose, but I don't know the exact figures.

  7. I disagree with only having protein after your fasted cardio. Mind you, I'm no expert here. But, I think tapering carbs from morning to night is also a good idea. Maybe even a better idea than tapering your fats. But, that's just my opinion with no theories or evidence behind it.

    What is your body type? That also plays a big role in what your diet should look like.

  8. I'm doing a CKD, so I am in ketosis most of the time. I'm only doing carb ups/refeeds every 2 weeks, this is why I am treating my fats like carbs (tapering). I am taking in less than 20-30 grams of carbs per day.

    The reasoning for only protein after workouts and after cardio, is so the body continues to burn fat mostly around this time. This is why I will have no fat around my workouts. The rest of the day I can take in enough to also have some gains. I would be eating at maintenance or slightly above most of the time, and dipping lower at times.

    bodytype would be closest to meso but I tend to be carb sensitive

  9. So this how I am breaking down the supps right now:

    30 min before 3 of my meals during the day:

    1 200mg cap of NA-RALA
    1 500mg cap of Tea-GCG

    On my carb-ups I double up the NA-RALA and take maybe 400-600mg before each large carb meal.
    I get a huge pump from this and feel tight!

    With 3 of my meals:

    3 caps of CLA ethyl-ester (3 grams total)
    2mL Sesamin (this is just over 1 gram)
    1.5 teaspoon of fishoil (about 5grams)

    Total for the day:

    9 grams of CLA
    5 grams of Sesamin
    15 grams of fishoil

    How is this looking? Can I play with the dosages a bit? Are the ratios fine?


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