Can someone please clear up the whole insulin spike after workouts when on carb cycling. I have heard different opinions, some sayign to take in fast digesting carbs after workouts,some saying slow,some saying no carbs at all. If I am looking to burn the most fat possible what carbs,if any, should I take with my whey protein shake?

  2. "BUMP" i'm wondering the same, & also for keto diet should u take them postworkout & if so do u count them for ur daily allotment of carbs

  3. Complex carbs are the best post workout.

  4. alright soo would some oatmeal or brown rice work to have with my protein shake and would the same work for my pre workout meal about an hour before the gym? On low days where im taking in about 200 carbs would it be safe to say to center those 200 around breakfast pre and post?

  5. this is my diet now i just started cutting so the calories are still somewhat high. Can someone check it out and give me a second opinion on the post workout meal. I read that if you are trying to cut up as most fat take in complex carbs post workout. But alot of people say simple carbs???? its driving me nuts. this is a low carb day by the way

    9 am: 2whole eggs 4 egg whites scoop of oatmeal 2 strawberries
    12m chicken breast patty grilled amounting to about 30 grams of protein. cup and a hlaf of beans and one strawberry.
    1pm: workout
    2:30: 40 grams of whey protein flaxseed oil, oatmeal amounting to about 70 grams of carbs.1 apple
    5:30 salmon fillet with some broccoli
    7:30 scoop of peanut butter with a piece of chicken about 15 grams in protein
    10:00 pm 40 grams of cassein.

    Im a pretyt big guy 6'3 250 take that into account i try to center those 250 grams of carbs around breakfast and my workout, divided equally. If someone can give me some input i would appreciate it. and also could I get some other opinions on the postworkout meal concerning what carbs to take in??



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