Raw shelled sunflower seeds

  1. Raw shelled sunflower seeds

    I know that CLA comes from sunflower oil, and the roasting of roasted/salted kernels destroys most of the CLA. I've been eating a lot of raw shelled sunflower seeds in my P+F meals. Does anybody know how much CLA is in 1/4 cup of these, or if it's doing me any good at all? When I was out of flax oil, I was eating up to 2 cups a day.


  2. damn, thats a cool site kelp, good post

  3. The place I bought the seeds from had a link to that site, all they list is some ratios for the fatty acids it contains. Is there a ratio that CLA corresponds with?

  4. not sure, not my field of expertise! maybe the 18:2?



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