Favorite Cheat Meals/Unhealthy Foods

  1. Favorite Cheat Meals/Unhealthy Foods

    That's right, forget calories, macronutrient ratios etc what are some of you people's favorite cheat meals/favorite UNhealthy foods? High in fats? Or high in processed carbs or sugars? They serve their purpose in any strict diet, and I know some people who absolutely insist on one or two meals a week of whatever they want. So, let us know!

  2. hmmm its not really a meal but i like Krispie Kreme Doughnuts ! I can eat 4 or 5 right in a row with no worries !!

  3. I never really have cheat urges very often.
    Sometimes I have pizza (because my family is taking me out to eat it) which is loaded with saturated fat. I usually try to have the pizza with a glass of v8 or something to make it a little healthier. If I feel like something sweet I have whey or a vitamin C pill.

    I have no life

  4. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater
    If I feel like something sweet I have whey or a vitamin C pill.
    thats gotta be a first. Usually you here mints, gum, a box of jujubee's.....but a vitamin C pill??!!!? (haha)

    I also dont have a set time/day/meal for a "cheat" meal but i do on occasion go have a slice or two (often, after night of drinking....which is also another one, which makes even the nastiest ass pizza a good one) If i were to have a meal though, it would be a FAT ASS DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER WITH MAYO AND FRIES AND A SHAKE AND SOME REAL ICE CREAM to wash em down with.

  5. Originally posted by Biggin
    They serve their purpose in any strict diet,[/B]
    Huh? Whats their purpose?

  6. Most people don't have the desire or discipline to eat completely healthful, preassigned meals every day every year. This is obvious. It's easier for people to stay sane when they allot themselves at least a little leeway in their diet, as it allows them to focus all the more on the stricter aspects they otherwise would find very difficult when all they are looking ahead to is scheduled boring meals with health the priority rather than the enjoyment of the food. What's not to understand there?

  7. Definitely pizza, no doubt about it. It used to be ice cream, but I've been able to stay away from that for the past year or so.

  8. I love a good double cheese burger with all the fixings. And maybe a good thick chocolate shake. I also like pizza when I get the chance.

  9. Any Italian pasta dish, makes sense since I'm half Italian..

    Pizza, with stuffed-crust!

    Anything from BK, with the exeption of the damn BK Veggie! It's like takin' a ****in' brown rice tablet with mayo..

    Banana pudding, with the vanilla wafer cookies in it.. I carbed up with 2 cups of the stuff for my last show.. Weighed in dry at 168, got on stage after eating at an all-carbed-up 171!

    Asian women, think about it.. Hours later, I want more!

    Ice cream, the reason why I can never get my water down the last 2 weeks before showtime!

    ow ow!

  10. Originally posted by bigpetefox
    Asian women, think about it.. Hours later, I want more!
    hahahaha, probably the best cheat meal so far!


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