HGH-Somatropin for Weight Loss?

  1. HGH-Somatropin for Weight Loss?

    I have a friend who said that using injected HGH (Somatropin) helped him lose wieght quickly and put on lean muscle mass. Is there any truth to this? Are there negative side effects?

  2. the enormous hole it leaves in your wallet? for the cost, unless there are other things you are looking to get from it, its not worth it. if you have injuries you are trying to heal too maybe

  3. That's what I want it for, fat loss and joint healing. I've got considerable tears (shoulder, bicep, quad) that will not heal no matter how much time I take off or how much cissus/glucosamine I choke down, surgery is not realistic for me. Anyone with any positive resuts from HGH in terms of fat loss or joint repair?

  4. there are, but you are looking into the $250-500 a month range for reasonable dosing, probably 3 months minimum

  5. I'm in the same boat; I had shoulder surgery for a torn rotor cuff and regardless of what physical therapy or meds the dr puts me on; my shoulder still feels like crap and I've put on about 40 extra lbs. I've been working out for two months straight and am just not recovering. I can get 5cc for $173; is that a good price?

  6. depends on how many IU that is its normally listed in IUs. depending on how you want to run it, i've seen from 2iu to 15iu a day....

  7. 5 cc wont last very long

  8. Since I'm not trying to bulk up; what would you recommend my daily dosage be? How long should I run the cycle? I'm just trying to lose about 40lbs and repair some body damage; and not feel like I'm 60 at 38yrs of age. Also what if any supplements would you guys suggest while on HGH? Once again thanks for taking the time to answer my questions; I appreciate it very much

  9. anything less than 2iu a day is pointless, 6 iu split as 2iu 3x a day might be overkill for your purposes

  10. thanks; I'll go with the split you suggested. I've read that the only hgh is the injected kind; is there any pill form out there on any of these sites thats worth a crap; or should I just stick to the somatropin?

  11. no pills that actually work I would expect to pay thru a prescription and true pharmaceutical hGH probably $200-225 for 15iu, which is what your 5mg is. So $173 for 15 iu, to dose at 2iu a day (once a day first thing in the morning) you'll need 20mg a month so $692. if you do the 6iu a day, well, triple that. And expect not to see benefits the first month regardless. You may see some fat loss, but it will tend to accelerate some. so $$$$ either way, you are looking at a $2000 investment at the bottom end, $6000 at the upper end to do 3 months

  12. Wow; I can see what you meant now about the cost; that adds up pretty fast. Is HGH something that one must do in a cycle or does someone just stay on it? I've heard alot of different idea's but nothing really concrete.

  13. Tough call honestly. For anti-agining, you stay on it indefinitely. For healing, etc you can cycle on it. But basically not much point in being on less than 2 months, as it takes time to make a difference

  14. Well that helps answer another question I was going to ask you; my Dad is 69 and wanted my opinion on HGH which is another reason why I came on this forum. His pockets are alot deeper than mine; so I'm going to pass the information you gave me on to him along with the recommended dosage. Thank you very much for help with all of this; its pretty confusing stuff as a newbie. Outside of HGH is there anything else that you would recommend I take for leaning out and healing up to go with the cardio program I'm on?

  15. Tell your dad that probably 2iu a day taken over long spans of time would make a decent difference in the way he feels. More than that is nice, but a pain in the varied spots And unlike what some longevity clinics might suggest, the 2iu first thing in the morning upon waking is best, theres good clinical grade research for that. If your dad doesn't already have a doctor in mind, let me know I can help you find one.

    Healing is a rough one, particularly if you want to remain as legal and all prescription. there are a few of the peptides currently in research that have similar properties, or there is a the ability to directly inject IGF variants. Part of raising GH for healing is to cause the creation of more IGF, which aids in muscle tear healing. The L-Dopa products like Applied Nutriceutical's IGF-2 or any of a handful of others (Powerfull, Somnidren-GH, etc) all help increase the natural production of GH, which will help somewhat.

    Really for the most part, getting leaner is at least 90% diet (including what you burn in cardio), and less than 10% anything else. Do you know what your estrogen levels are like? that is something that can make it harder to loose fat, its a battle i've fought for a long time

  16. My dad and mom spend their winters in Mexico so they have Dr.s down their that can get them pretty much whatever they want. They both went some clinic down there for anti-aging and the clinic offered hormone replacement therapy; which is what got this whole discussion going. He asked my opinion and I started looking online; but there's just so much information out there; and very few answers. I started looking into it for myself as a means to heal up and lean out. My family has some history of weak joints and bone structure; all of my siblings and I have had shoulder surgery and my brother and I have both had torn ligaments in our knee's. I've always done cardio but not alot of wieght training and have tried some supplemnts; but am just now seriously researching the whole realm of training and anti-aging. I'm not as concerned with the legal as much as I am with being safe. Whats illegal here is not illegal accross either border; which makes zero sense to me; but thats just the way it is. So for healing and performance what is out there that is not legal in the states that you would reccomend? I'm calling my Dr right after this and scheduling an appointment with him for a full physical and I'm going to check out my estrogen levels; I never even thought about that. I'll get a full work up and let you know what I find out. Once again; thank you very much for your time.

  17. Well, it seems that the GHRP-6/and modified GHRF(1-29) sometimes called cjc-1295 together is about 10% of the price of gh, but as effective if used together appropriately. Together they stimulate your body to create more gh, and also lengthen and strengthen the natural GH pulses. Theres a decent peptides section here, and there are some other boards.

  18. I've looked it up and you are right; I think that the ones you suggested would be better for me. This may sound like a very stupid question; but in all the threads its never discussed if this is a prescription only drug or if I can purchase this online? You also said that you might me able to refer a Dr? I'm in WA State; if you know any in this area I would appreciate it.

  19. the ghrp-6 + ghrf are still experimental. In theory Dr Crisler of All Things Male will prescribe GHTP-6, but you still have to establish the whole dr - patient relationship first. and as a legal GHRF, Sermorelin is potentially available as a prescription

  20. Thanks for all the help; I'm going to spend the next week reading through every forum on here about these topics so I dont waste anyones time with stupid questions that have already been asked and answered. I spent twelve hours on here last night; its informative but I'm only about half way done and my head is about to explode. I appreciate the insight you have me on the HGH and from what I'm learning you were one hundred percent correct in that it would have been overkill for what I'm trying to do. My father being 69 is going to go with the dosage you suggested. I'm re-working my diet and my cardio as well. What are some key questions that you would suggest I ask my Dr or things that I need to be aware of and asked to me tested for outside of estrogen levels?

  21. a full panel would be nice, to see thyroid levels too. theres a user here jansz who has a total list put together of all the most relevant tests


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