good or bad diet for m1t cycle?

  1. good or bad diet for m1t cycle?

    would this be a good or bad diet for a M1T and v12 cutting/lean mass gaining cycle? please tell me anything i could change. all the help will help. later. here are some stats

    20 yrs
    200 lbs
    14% body fat

    Meal Plan

    Meal One

    1 cup oatmeal 134 calories 23 carbs 5 proteins
    1 cup egg white 122 calories 2.4 carbs 25.5 proteins
    1 scoop protein 120 calories 0 carbs 20 proteins
    1 cup skim milk 90 calories 12 carbs 8 proteins

    Total: 466 calories 37.4 carbs 58.8 proteins

    Meal Two

    2 slices bread 180 calories 40 carbs 5 proteins
    chicken breast 350 calories 0 carbs 55 proteins
    vegetables 30 calories 6 carbs 0 proteins

    Total: 560 calories 46 carbs 60 proteins

    Meal Three

    Beef Soup 220 calories 30 carbs 18 proteins
    1 can tuna 150 calories 0 carbs 30 proteins
    cup cottage 80 calories 4 carbs 12 proteins

    Total: 450 calories 34 carbs 60 proteins

    Meal Four

    MRP 300 calories 25 carbs 45 proteins
    Sweet potato 100 calories 28 carbs 1 proteins

    Total: 400 calories 53 carbs 46 proteins

    Meal Five

    1 can Salmon 210 calories 0 carbs 30 proteins
    1 cup cottage 160 calories 8 carbs 24 proteins

    Total: 370 calories 8 carbs 54 proteins

    Meal Six

    1 can Tuna 150 calories 0 carbs 30 proteins
    1 cup cottage 160 calories 8 carbs 24 proteins

    Total: 310 calories 8 carbs 54 proteins

    Daily Total: 2556 calories 186.4 carbs 332.8 proteins

    Apart from this, i will have a protein shake before and after workout. Attached is my workout plan.

  2. yeah seems allright , one thing though , u havent counted fat calories ? then also add up pre and post workout protein calories , that would go above 3000-3200 calories ? would be tough to lose bf with that .. dont u think ?

  3. Ray's right.. You should shoot for .5g fat per/lb bodyweight..

    It may seem like alot of fats, but the idea behind cutting is calories in should be less than calories out.. Fats help maintain muscle mass while cutting, and should also help with your blood pressure while on M1T..

    Of course by fats I mean flax, olive oil, and EFA's..

  4. natural p.b. is great source of healthy fat I usually have a couple of tbspns right before before with a cup of cottage cheese, also flax seeds seem to fit in pretty well 5 grams of healthy fat per serving, plus the addition of some good plant fiber,
    personally i would also lose the bread in favor of some more low glycemic carbs like oatmeal, yams, or etc.

    also what kind of mrp are you using, be away that some of them use malto which can cause a nice little insulin spike
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  5. Just like what everybody else is saying, watch your fat intake too. From the plan you have listed right now it doesnt seem like youll be taking in enough. Throw in a tablespoon of flax seed oil here, some peanut butter there and youll be good to go. Its deffinately a good start though.

  6. would olive oil be as good as flax?

  7. Nope. Olive oil I believe are omega 6's as opposed to omega 3's. Fish oil on the other hand may be better than flax.

  8. cool, thanks


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