need some input/advice on my training....

  1. need some input/advice on my training....

    Im 22, 5,8 and 205 LBS. I have a musclar look for my size, but of course like most people have excess body fat, not a lot but average. I have tried countless supps and none of them do that much for me. Black Powder by MRI and Animal Pak is all i take besdies Protein Shakes.

    I train 5 days a week. Sometimes my schedule varies meaing I'll do back monday instead of chest. Just varies on how I feel. I do my cardio after my weight/ab training. I usually just do pyramid style training 10,8,6,4. Every other week I do GVT(german volume training)training on 2 days. Typically this is how I do it

    Monday- Chest,ABS, Cardio - Bench Press 4 sets, Cable Cross 4 sets, Dumbbell Pullover 3 sets, Decline 4 sets, Pec decks 2-3 sets, Swiss Ball Crunches 4 sets (30 crunch), Cable Crunches 4 sets. I ride the bike for 20-30 mins.

    Tuesday- Bicep/Tricep -Dumbbell Curls 4 sets, Preacher curls 3 sets, Overhead tricep dumbbell extension 4 sets, Tricep press down 3 sets, Tricep Rope 4 sets, Hammer Curls 3 sets,Cable Curls with rope 4 sets

    Wednesday- Legs,ABS, Cardio - Squats 4 sets, Leg presses 4 sets, Standing Calf Raise 3 sets, Hack Squat 2 sets, Leg Extensions 3 sets, Leg Curls 3 sets, Same ab stuff as Monday, Ride the bike for 20-30 mins

    Thursday - Back,ABS - Lat Pull down 3 sets with standard bar, 3 sets with v bar, 3 sets with reverse grip pull down, dumbbell rows 2-3 sets, deadlifts ( i go heavy on the deads 10,8,6,4,3,3,1), Same ab stuff as monday and wednesday

    Friday - Shoulders or Chest again, Cardio - Cardio is the same as the whole week. If I do shoulders I do military press 3 sets, front raises 3 sets, overhead dumbbell presses 4 sets, upright rows 2-3 sets.

    My eating is okay, this is typically what I eat.

    60 Gram Shake (Optium Pro Complex protein)
    Egg Whites
    Oatmeal if I feel like it

    Chicken Florentine or chicken

    Some stype of meat, beef or chicken

    2 Slices of Ezekel toast
    1 serving of Glutamine by GNC

    2 Scoops of Optium Pro complex - 60 grams
    1 Serving of Glutamine by GNC

    Late Meal-
    Usually chicken breast or a 12inch Chicken Sandwhich from Subway with pepper jack cheese,black olives,green peppers,parm cheese,spinach and fat free ranch

    2 scoops of Optium's Casein Shake

    That's my basic eating its not always chicken, sometimes beef or tuna. I honestly get sick when I eat veggies just straight up.

    Anyway I want to lose Bodyfat but not get super skinny and cut. I've been hard at it for over 1.5 years and am just slowly seeing results. It's hard to stay away from the "juice" when I know people doing it and they are just huge and cut. But I wanna stay away from it.

    Any input or advice is appreciated


  2. any vegetables at all in there?

    also this

    60 Gram Shake (Optium Pro Complex protein)
    Egg Whites
    Oatmeal if I feel like it
    is probably a waste of egg whites really. if you are taking in 60g of protein from another source, you wont use the protein in the egg whites as protein, your body will convert them to glucose. i'd say just clip a little from your calories, also consider a total changeup in your workout routine for a short while

  3. id drop the skake in the morning keep the eggs and time your eating out so your eating like every 2 hours and that way you eat and then have 2 hours to burn it off and hopefully by your next meal your dying for some more food gotta keep your metabolism going my friend so spread your meals out around 2 hours and keep them decently sized not huge meals but average size, after spreading them out you can find a place for that 60 gram shake to go in there and also 60 grams is kinda high for a shake usually the body can only break down about 50 grams the rest you sh it out so keep that in mind man

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