Please critique my diet/workout

  1. Please critique my diet/workout

    Main goal: Try and build muscle while cutting bodyfat (yes i know this is difficutl)

    Current statistics
    5' 9"
    181-183 lbs
    BF: no clue, i think its around 16-18

    Quad: 21.75
    Calf: 14.5

    Quad: 21.74
    Calf: 14.75

    Arm: 15.0

    Arm: 15.1

    Chest: 41

    Waist: 36, measured at my belly button

    So I would really like to try and get stronger and bigger and get rid of my belly at the same time. Ideally I'd like to get down to 7-8 percent body fat without losing any muscle, hopefully even building some. See my diet and workout below

    Supps used:

    Leviathan reloaded, multivitamin, MET RX CEE tabs, and whey protein, casein protien


    8:30 am
    75g oats, 2 scoops whey

    11:30 am
    4 pieces brown bread, can of tuna, apple

    2:30 am
    can of tuna, handful mixed nuts

    5:00 pm
    50 g oats, can of tuna


    7:00 pm
    50 g oats, 2 scoops whey

    10 pm
    2 scoops casein, handful nuts
    10 egg whites, handful nuts
    huge chicken breast, handful nuts


    Monday Chest

    Flat bench

    Incline Dumbells
    5 by 5, or 4 by 6

    Decline bench

    4 by 8

    Fly machine

    3 by 10 or 4 by 8

    3 sets to failure

    Tuesday Back

    Pull ups
    3 sets, each one to failure
    ( i can only do abotu 6 or 7 each set)

    dumbell row

    4 by 8, or 4 by 6

    close grip cable pull
    4 by 8

    lower back
    4 by 10

    dumbell curls
    4 by 8, or 4 by 6

    Wednesday Shoulders

    dumbell press
    4 by 8, or 4 by 6

    lateral press

    4 by 10

    pec machine backwards

    4 by 8

    upright row

    4 by 8

    barbell shrugs

    4 by 8

    upper and lower abs and obliques

    thursday legs

    4 by 8


    3 by 10

    leg press
    4 by 8

    calf raises

    4 by 10

    bis and tris

    close grip bench
    4 by 6 or 8


    4 sets to failure

    overhead dumbell
    4 by 8

    barbell curl
    4 by 6 or 8

    hammer curl

    4 by 10

    21's or preacher curl



    i plan on doing 30 min of cardio 4 days a week on an empty stomach. (will have 20 g of whey with water and 5 g glutamine.

    okay guys rip it apart, tell me what im doing wrong, what i can do differently, best way to maximize fat loss and muscle gain

  2. anybody have any comments at all???

  3. am i to believe this is perfect, since no one has responded

  4. I dont like your diet

    8:30 am
    8 egg whites, banna
    75g oats, 2 scoops whey
    1:30 pm
    4 pieces brown bread, can of tuna
    can of tuna, handful mixed nuts, apple
    5:00 pm
    50 g oats, apple, handful of mixed nuts
    7:00 pm
    25 g oats, 2 scoops whey
    7:40 pm
    huge chicken breast, veggies
    can of tuna
    10 pm
    2 scoops casein, handful nuts

    this is your exact diet before all the same foods just moved around to much space around and not enough whole foods for protein cant live off shakes my friend its better to have everything spaced out around 2 hours to help keep your metabolism going

  5. You look like you need a little fiber, you can add broccoli(yum). And i find that almonds in particular are good too.



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