Acceptable Pasta Sauces

  1. Acceptable Pasta Sauces

    I would like to know what you guys use for your pasta on a bulking phase.

    I'm looking for acceptable pasta sauces that I could use with mine. My first thought would be that most tomatoe based sauces would be okay, however what are your thoughts on alfredo sauces?

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. al'Alfredo sauces are typically cream based, I would avoid them

  3. Will do. Thanks guy

  4. Kinda O/T, but I like to use gravy on a lot of foods, including pastas. The kind that comes in those little pouches. Most contain like 10 or so calories/serving from I think just simple carbs, but IMHO, its better than some of those pre-made marinara jars.

    I like to make wedding soup too. Well, my mother actually makes it and brings it over to me but she usually puts a lot of chicken breast chunks and a lot of meatballs, spinach, etc, etc. I mostly just guesstimate on the everything else but the meatballs and chicken. What I do is take out the big chunks of meatballs and chicken and weigh them on a scale seperately. I have a huge book that has the nutritional contents of almost every food brand, raw foods, and fast foods and restuarants known, which helps me gather the average of fats of the various cuts of raw meats.

    Speaking for myself, I just like to have more of a variety of foods when I do a winter bulk, so I can enjoy it better. Summer's a different story.

  5. Aight check this out. I just purchased 2 sauces so let me know what you think.

    (1) Bertolli - Portobello
    Total Fat - 7g
    Sat Fat - 3.5g
    Total Carb - 3g
    Sugar - 1

    (2) Emeril's Vodka Sauce
    Total Fat - 8g
    Sat Fat - 2.5g
    Total Carb - 13g
    Sugar -2g

    This will be the only thing that would be going beyond what I should be doing. The rest of my meals will be strict and plain.

  6. Also the serving size for

    Bertolli is 1/4 cup
    Emerils Vodka Sauce is 1/2 cup

    of course I will not be using this each pasta meal. My pasta intake will be limited to 2 times a day.

  7. A goood theory I've always used is, " eat big to get big" this doesn't mean to eat all the fat and carbs out there. eating your alfredo style sauces shouldn't hurt you if you are bulking up

  8. I had Emerils and it tasted good. Many times, during your quest to buy (*insert food*), you always have to check the ingredients as well as food labels. Just because you're bulking that doesn't give you an excuse to eat whatever you want. The secret to packing on pounds of solid muscle mass is simple: For the most part, the types of foods you eat on a muscle-gaining program are the same ones you should eat all the time, whether you want to lose, gain or maintain - you just need to eat more of them. What I really look at is the "hydrogenated _____," "High Fructose Corn Syrup," "Enriched ______," you get the idea. In sauces, my main concern is the sugar. Most sauces are in the 7-8g range per serving. If you can find some sub 3g, it might be worth a try

  9. I also try and look for anything below the 7-8g carbs per serving in pasta sauces. I use whole weat pasta with Ragu No Sugar Added...not bad IMO
  10. PC1
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    Since we're talking about bulking.............

    I think both the Ragu and Prego heavy meat sauces actually are very good for being right out of the jar.

    If you like to cook, here's a favorite sauce I make that most people RAVE about. It's easy to make, tastes great, has plenty of calories for you, and you can make it in bulk and freeze it in small containers to use as you'd like to:


    2+ lbs of lean ground hamburger
    sliced or a whole pepperoni stick (if whole, you slice it)
    1 bulb of garlic
    1 medium onion
    FRESH basil (This HAS to be fresh)
    Ground Rosemary (or whole if that's what you have)
    Fresh ground black pepper (already ground is ok too though)
    Colavita extra virgin olive oil (It's the best, period)
    4 cans PASTENE Peeled/Ground Tomatoes (It has to be Pastene)
    Calmata olives in brine

    I don't know what it is about Pastene tomatos, but they're absolutely hands down, the best...... better than fresh even. Over my 4 decades of life I've tried ALL the others, the sauce just doesn't come out the same when I use something else.

    Same goes for Colavita EV olive oil.

    Same goes for fresh garlic. I know the stuff in the jar is already cut and peeled and is convenient, but it's just not the same.

    1. Fill the bottom of a medium sized sauce pot with Colavita Olive oil.

    2. Crush each individual garlic clove using a tall (fat) chopping knife. Peel away skin, then chop medium-fine and add to pot.

    3. Peel and chop onion, add to pot.

    4. Add some fresh black pepper as you like.

    5. Sautee on medium heat until onion starts to become transparent, but don't over sautee..... meaning they're turning brown.

    6. Add hamburger, stir frequently until cooked. If you're using really lean hamburger (90%+) lean, you won't have any fat to drain off.

    7. Throw in the pepperoni when the hamburger is like 80% cooked. Stir frequently, the pepperoni only needs 5-7 minutes to cook until it starts losing it's color.

    8. If you have some fat in the bottom of the pot, drain it off.

    9. Take your fresh basil leaves.... maybe 15-20 of them.... tear them into small pieces and throw them in.

    10. Add all other ingredients. Include the brine juice from the calmata olives. Let it cook for 1-2 hours on low heat.

    Like most tomatoe sauces, this one is even better the next day. It seems to take awhile for the rosemary in particular to really flavor the sauce. Don't get too carried away by "how much" of each particular ingredient do you really need to add. You can adjust amounts of anything as you like. Also, if you don't like olives, you don't have to include them. It's great with or without. But if you like them, there's something like 2-4g of fat in each olive..... which will definately give you more cals for bulking.

    But I promise you this is a VERY TASTY sauce, especially if you stay with the Pastene, Colavita, and fresh garlic/onion and spices as I've indicated. MANY people have asked me for the recipe after trying it. And your kitchen will smell like a gourmet Italian restaurant while you're making it

    Enjoy it, if anyone decides to make it, let me know what you think.

    Be well guys

  11. freaking awsome recipe made it tonight and i loved it, not as good as my moms but best thing i have ever made, i added more garlic... i love garlic and my sister would have gone for about 3 cloves on that one.
  12. PC1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squiboy
    freaking awsome recipe made it tonight and i loved it, not as good as my moms but best thing i have ever made, i added more garlic... i love garlic and my sister would have gone for about 3 cloves on that one.
    There's no beating your own mom's sauce. And yeah, garlic mellows a lot when you cook it, so you can really go crazy if you like it. But glad you liked it!

  13. PC1, that looks like one heck of a recipe. I will definitely have to try it. Thanks for taking the time to post it


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