Need some information

  1. Need some information

    Hey guys im new here i am 18 years 6 foot 236 pounds and i am wanting to cut down to 220 or so. I went to a suppliment store and the guy told me to take furazadrol i have been taking it for the last 3 days 2 pills a day. The botle says that it may cause a reactive drug test and i am on my high school baseball team. So my question is would this be considered an illegal substance? And also is this a good suppliment to be taking? Thanks guys

  2. Never heard of it

  3. Is it Furzadrol? Who is it manufactured by?

  4. It looks like you are taking a pro-hormone there, did the supplement jockey tell you about PCT? Seeing as though you are young enough to still be in high school you don't need to be taking something like this, you could get some unwanted side effects. You had better go to one of the sub-forums here dealing with pro-hormone use and carefully listen to and implement the advice that you are given there.

  5. Why would u put something into your body without knowing what it is or what it might do? Please do your reasearch before you take any pills.

  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say GNC?? Hopefully i'm wrong, but either way not a good choice to take something without doing research on it first. Remember its your only body you get. Its not like you can have a redo.

  7. its made by axis labs called furazadrol

  8. Got it. Like Dadof2 said its prohormone. You don't need to be taking this at all and my best suggestion is to return it. Research in the Anabolics and PCT sections before you put anything like that into your body. It could lead to many unwanted effects that will last.


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